can't find games - ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii4.3

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can't find games - ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii4.3

Post by ValB »

Hi all,

I have seen other posts regarding this topic, have read the FAQ and done tons of googling....but I am still lost. I'm definitely missing something here.

I downloaded both the ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii package and a couple of the freeware game downloads from the download page of this site. I checked that they were all compatible with 2.6.0. (That's all I need right?)

I extracted scummvm-2.6.0-wii to the apps folder of my USB
I extracted the game folders (7Zip) and placed the games at the root of my USB in a folder I called 'ScummVM games'.

When launching ScummVM from Homebrew it opens perfectly fine, but when I go to 'Add Game' and I navigate to the folder on my USB Drive and click on my 'ScummVM games' folder, it cannot find any games. I get this:

"ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory"

Are the games listed on the site not compatible with Wii? Is there a specific format I should be using? Am I not downloading the correct files?

I'm pulling my hair out at this point. I thought it would be a pretty simple exercise,
but after a week of searching for answers, I thought I would put a message up, hoping someone may assist me.

Thanks so much
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Re: can't find games - ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii4.3

Post by Im_Percynator »

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the problem is you need to add the folder of the specific game. You can't just go into the 'ScummVM games' folder and expect it to add all of them unless you are using the batch add game option. Again, not sure if this will fix it, but I think that should work for you.
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Re: can't find games - ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii4.3

Post by MusicallyInspired »

You have to add each game's direct folder individually one at a time. Either that or use the Mass Add feature which scans a folder's subdirectories for games it recognizes. But you might get some false positives this way, duplicate entries, or games detected as something they're not. If you have the patience, it's more reliable to add each game separately.
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Re: can't find games - ScummVM 2.6.0 Wii4.3

Post by ivonnalow »

It sounds like you're on the right track, but sometimes, the devil is in the details.
First, make sure that the game files you downloaded are in a compatible format for the Wii version of ScummVM. Sometimes, different platforms have specific requirements.
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