transferring saves?

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transferring saves?

Post by Shadowmtbe »

I started a game of the Quest for Glory 2 remake, but ran into some bugs. I recently learned that it should be run through ScummVM, so I installed it and ran the game. Unfortunately none of my save games show when I try to load them, even when I copy them into the ScummVM save folder. Is there a way I can convert or import existing saved games into ScummVM, or do I have to start from the beginning?
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Re: transferring saves?

Post by digitall »

tl;dr Start from beginning... Sorry.

Loading of original engine savegame support will vary between engines i.e. some original engine savegames are actually memory dumps and thus
very much not platform independent: ... th-scummvm

The SCI engine may be able to do this, but I wouldn't suggest it as even if it works mostly, you could end up with a corrupted / invalid gamestate... ... r_Glory_II
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Re: transferring saves?

Post by dreammaster »

Actually, if they are indeed referring to the QFG2 Remake, then it's the AGS engine that's in question, not SCI. In which case, the question is whether savegames from the AGS interpreter bundled with the game that he was likely using are compatible with ScummVM. As to that, I can't remember off the top of my head whether they are are not, but you can try doing is making a savegame within ScummVM and see the resulting filename (likely something like qfg2.001 or similar), then delete it and rename the original savegame to match. Then start up the game in ScummVM again, and see if the savegame appears in the list.
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Re: transferring saves?

Post by tag2015 »

Your savegames should work with scummvm, but I'm not sure you won't encounter bugs (the original interpreter is quite old)

The saves are named
agssave.###.Qfg2Sav where ### is the save number
you need to rename them to qfg2agdi.###
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