POP!inally a fix for those broken beginnings of sentences in Daedalic adventures.

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POP!inally a fix for those broken beginnings of sentences in Daedalic adventures.

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I created two patches for this reason, mainly to stop this annoying audio bug in those games.
You know what I mean, when you hear sentences like: POP!"u hast hier aber nichts zu sagen!". (Deponia 1 German, tutorial intro)

The first one is a special case patch for Deponia 1 for Windows on GOG. I don't know, if it also applies to other versions of the game. It brings the version on par with the latest Steam update. With the exception that no graphics were reencoded. The difference is neglectable and probably due to a later WEBP encoder version. The important part of this patch is the upgrade to Visionaire 5 which fixes the audio bug.

Download it from here (152 MB)
http://gratissaugen.de/files/Deponia_1_ ... h_v1.0.exe
I might also create a patch for the Linux version. Does anyone know a good tool for creating convenient patches like with Clickteam Patch Maker, but for Linux?

The second patch is more generic. It's a tool for replacing all the Opus resources with Ogg resources.
You don't need it for titles already using Visionaire 5, since that version of the engine fixed the sound issues already. The majority of Daedalic titles didn't get an engine update for years, though, and as defunct as that company is, don't count on it anytime soon either.
This patch uses FFMPEG for transcoding. This will take a while, but is applicable for alot of games using Visionaire 4 with the Opus playback issue.
The patch can be used under Windows and also under Linux. The latter runs quite a bit faster, though.
The version of the game to be patched does not have to match your operating system, since the resource files are cross platform.
Download it from here (232 kB)

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