Best SD Card to play Broken Sword on?

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Best SD Card to play Broken Sword on?

Post by MagooChris »

Was hoping that someone might be able to tell me what a good brand/type of SD card could handle the video's of Broken Sword well. My brother has a 1Gig card but the video's are very choppy, showing the same frame for some time before skipping to the one at that time.

We would love to be able to play these games on the go.
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Post by grzegoooorz »

What did you do that the video files correct playing on your pocket?? Please tell me step by step.Thank you

P.S -- Sorry for my bad english
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Post by comp1 »

Are you sure it's the SD card? What pocket pc do you have?
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Post by horror »

hmm. heard that the video is choppy on most ppcs. don't think a new sd card will help..
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Post by cryptoknight »

From my experience, the faster memory cards usually only offer faster write speeds. I purchased and benchmarked a 512 Ultra II from Sandisk a year ago and found as such, so you will find no marked benefit when viewing videos.

What model is your brother's handheld and what brand memory is he using? Still digging around for my copy of BS to test video myself on my Cingular 8125 (which has a puny 195mhz TI proc) but runs all my current games I have without a hitch.
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Post by KevinSig »

I have Broken Sword, Full Throttle & CMI loaded on my Hitachi 6GB Microdrive. Full Throttle & CMI animations work just fine, but Broken Sword's animations are problematic.

So I don't think its a card issue, but its either an issue with your/my PPC. Or maybe Broken Sword doesn't run animation correctly on any PPC.

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