Monkey 1 Ultimate Talkie Edition (released)

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Re: Monkey 1 Ultimate Talkie Edition (released)

Post by elvisish »

Praetorian wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 9:13 pm
elvisish wrote: Mon Dec 13, 2021 11:55 pm
elvisish wrote: Sat Dec 31, 2016 8:38 pm Is it possible to put the original sound fx from the original cd version of MI1 in the ultimate talkie? I always love the sounds fx as they originally sounded, and I'm not keen on the new sound fx!
Still not sure if it's possible to use original sound fx from the original VGA verison of TSOMI with Ultimate Talkie, but I'd love to if anyone knows a way?
It seems possible, but it's not entirely trivial to do it.
I've only tested with the open/close door sounds (at the SCUMM Bar door), but probably one could do this for all sound effects.

Basically, the process involved editing the install.bat, after the patching of the resource files with the SE Talkie scripts, to skip the replacing of sounds with high quality ones. However, just this edit alone resulted in no sound effects in the game, so more work had to be done.

So then, I got the resource files from the original classic (prior-to-patch) resource files (as they are in the Monkey.pak from the SE), and extracted them with the "scummpacker" tool eg. to folder "A". Using the sbl.bat script as a guide, I found the sound files (.sbl) for the open/close door sounds (in 000_LECF\010_LFLF_logo\043_SOUN_002\000_SOU\ and 000_LECF\010_LFLF_logo\044_SOUN_003\000_SOU\).

I also extracted the patched resource files (eg. to folder "B"), and "replaced" the open/close door sounds; the ones under folder "B" with the ones from the original classic resource files (folder "A"). In this process, I renamed the source files to use the names found under folder "B" for the rooms. Eg. "001_SBL.dmp" from under folder "A", had to be renamed to "000_SBL.dmp" under folder "B" in both cases (open and close sounds).

Finally I repacked the folder "B" to resource files (again with scummpacker) and renamed the resulting resources.000 and resources.001 files to monkey.000 and monkey.001 respectively.

ScummVM didn't auto-detect the resulting version, but the fallback detection offered the "talkie-se" option, which I chose.

The game now plays the "original" sound effects from the CD version for open/close door, and also the music and speech from SE.

One could in theory write a .bat file, using SBL.bat as a guide, so that it would follow the above process for every sound file that the SBL.bat script replaces, "restoring" the original by copying it from the original classic resource files (and renaming it appropriately).

LogicDeLuxe would know more details of whether this process would work or there would be side-effects.

I could only work with the patched and prior-to-patch files so my way is a quite a roundabout way of doing things.
I've still not been able to make a version with the original CD sound fx as I have no batch file experience, really miss the old sound effects with ultimate talkie (the root crate opening was one of my favorites).
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Re: Monkey 1 Ultimate Talkie Edition (released)

Post by mikro »

Hi guys,

I hope nobody minds asking this in this thread.

I've purchased and converted both MI1 & MI2 into the talkie versions recognised by Scummvm (2.6.1). While MI1 works wonderfully, I can switch between CD/SE tracks, Adlib and MT-32 music, MI2 is a bit different:
  • it doesn't create any flac/ogg files anymore but put them into monkey2.sof/sog file instead
  • DOS version creates a file called monster.sou
  • most importantly, I can't get it to play the music from the SE at all!
In the last point I mean I start SE via its launcher.exe and I hear the beautiful intro music. When doing the same in ScummVM, I can switch between adlib/mt-32, sure and I do like that music, too but how to enable the SE version? I'd assume if it converts wav files for an hour, the intro music could have been somewhere there as well?

To be fair, I did see this post: ... nt-2650939, namely:
Q: Will you be able to make it so the music files can be replaced by the special edition versions?

A: No. This is impossible to do with SCUMM V5 as it is. This would require a complete rewrite of the music engine, which is not in the scope of this project.
but similar thing had been posted about MI1 somewhere too, so I was hoping that it has been solved in the meantime. Looking at readme.txt and I tend to think that it perhaps hasn't. :)

Does somebody has a deeper information why is the difference between MI1 and MI2 so big in manner of features?
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Re: Monkey 1 Ultimate Talkie Edition (released)

Post by MusicallyInspired »

MI1's music had two forms: in MIDI (for the floppy version) and CD audio (for the CD version). MI1:SE is based on the CD version so all the music is just straight track replacements. Not too complicated. MI2's music has always been MIDI however and uses a newer MIDI music system called iMuse which is used to seamlessly transition between hundreds of smaller tracks depending on actions the player takes onscreen and the locations you visit in the game in real time (like Woodtick at the beginning when you visit each hut). This is really complicated and a lot of work went into replicating it in the SE with digital music alternative stems. However, we can't do this with SCUMM V5 as you've pointed out in that quote.

So the difference lies in the ways MI1 and MI2 implement music. MI2 cannot have the SE's music with its Ultimate Talkie Edition patch like MI1 can.
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Re: Monkey 1 Ultimate Talkie Edition (released)

Post by mikro »

MusicallyInspired: many thanks for your explanation.
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