Duckman hangs when trying to add it

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Duckman hangs when trying to add it

Post by Thaurin »

Hi! ScummVM 2.1.0 is incredible and I'm so happy that Bladerunner and Duckman have been added to the list.

However, on PS Vita, Duckman hangs when I try to add the game. It works fine on PC. Has anybody tested Duckman on PS Vita and got it to work? Anything I could try?

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Re: Duckman hangs when trying to add it

Post by russ869 »

It doesn't hang completely, but it does take a very long time to load (maybe several minutes). I believe this might be due to the large number of files in the Duckman data directory. I think the flash memory storage in a console like PSVITA has a lot of per-file overhead or something (similar to reading over USB), because loading 1 big file is always a lot faster than loading tons of little files. I know the FAQs say that ScummVM will not support zipped game directories, but it would be a huge improvement if there were at least a tool that enabled users to somehow package these games into fewer files to avoid this incredible slowdown at startup.

I noticed the same thing when trying to run Hopkins FBI on PSVITA. The game does load but it takes several minutes every time you start it up. Like Duckman, Hopkins FBI has thousands of little files in its data directory.
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