AGS not working and other issues

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AGS not working and other issues

Post by nozomi »

Just tried the PSP 2.6.1 build and was not able to get any AGS games working on a PSP 3000. Is the game engine just not possible on the PSP?

This version and what it's capable of on the PSP is astounding. I'm amazed at how many of the engines work and work very well. But...I did encounter a few other issues while I was setting it up.

1. Trying to add Broken Sword 2.5 caused the system to power off, could not even attempt to load it. It just crashed when adding the title.

2. The 11th Hour loads and the opening logo animations starts, though looks completely wrong. Then crashes after the first logo.

3. The engine for Ultima 8 and Crusader also had issues. Crusader loads, but is unplayable as it's to slow to play. Ultima 8 crashes when try trying to start the game.

Are these all expected issues related to the low system RAM and CPU speeds, or should I create bug reports for them.
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Re: AGS not working and other issues

Post by rsn8887 »

There was a bug with RGBA8888 screenmodes on PSP. Some of the games you mentioned use that screenmode. In the next version, this bug will be fixed.

If you want, you can try this test version I made a couple hours ago. (Or you can wait approx. 12 hours for the next daily build from the buildbot):
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