Accessing and converting Discworld Noir (Tinsel) files

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Accessing and converting Discworld Noir (Tinsel) files

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I'm want to try to remake Discworld Noir in Unity, as a hobby project, but am having some trouble with some of the file types.
A lot of the files are Tinsel Engine specific, and encoded in a form of binary specific to that engine.

I'm able to access audio files (.mus, .smp), and .txt files aren't a problem, although they do contain some binary code which would be interesting to decode, as I suspect this is what was used for the dialogue systems in Tensel.

I've tried opening and converting the movie files (.bmv), but these seem almost impossible to access.
I tried using VLC media player, and converting using FFMPEG, but ran into frame rate and unknown data issues, and was ultimately unable to open these files.

.gbl files appear to hold positional data for sprites and shadows.
.h files contain translate, rotate and scale data, possibly in relation to the rbh files.
.idx files, not sure what this is. Possibly short for index? The file seems fairly long, and only has the one file english.idx, so maybe this store the index information for audio lines and subtitles.
.pal files, not sure what this is. There is only one file, lewton.pal. Might be something to do with animations for the main character, or the main character model / sprites.
.rbh files. I would guess these are the animation files.
.scn files. I think these are the files for building scenes. They might store data for object placements, loading screens, and dialogues?
.vmc files. Again, just the one file named lewton.vmc

Ideally I like to get the bmv files working as mp4 files, or something, and would like to gain access to the art.
Additionally, decoding the scn files would be useful for a guide to how scene as structures, dialogues trees etc.

If anyone has any suggestions or support, it would be appreciated ^^
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