Any chance of Druuna?

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Any chance of Druuna?

Post by sideside »

Now that psudo 3d games are possible any chance of Druuna?

I've ALWAYS wanted to play druuna, it's a ambitious game that not many people were able to play. And no it's not a titty game, there is some nudity in cutscenes but its much less sexualized or misogynistic than say a LSL game.

I'm guessing not but I can dream...
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Re: Any chance of Druuna?

Post by dreammaster »

It's certainly unlikely, unless the original source code is released, or able to be obtained. 3D games in general are much harder to reverse engineer and reimplement from scratch than the earlier 2D games, so since it's such an obscure title to begin with, I can't see anybody being so much a fan of it that they would want to spend all the time necessary to implement support for it.
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