Cloud Save Problems on newer Fire Tablets

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Cloud Save Problems on newer Fire Tablets

Post by guido »


I've got a strange problem with syncing cloud savegames on my newer 8" and 10" Fire Tablets which are running FireOS I've tested the cloud saving feature with Google Drive and OneDrive but with both providers the login works and the initial download of the savegames goes through, but after that I only get toast messages saying "saved game sync failed, check your network connection" even on startup and when trying to load savegames and nothing is synchronized anymore.

I've tried it on my older 10" Fire Tablet running FireOS and on my phone running Android 9 and it's perfectly working there. One difference to the stock Fire Tablets is that mine have Google Services added on via the Fire Toolbox. The ScummVM version used is installed from the Play Store in all cases. Syncing between my PC and the older FireTab and the phone works flawlessy.

Because this is so device specific, I'm sure that this has something to do with the newer FireOS versions and I hope the developers can have a look at this problem sometime.

[EDIT: Of course after I posted I found out what causes the issue! I had the save path set to the external SD card and it seems that I can actually save games on it, but the cloud synchronisation does not like the external card and refuses to write to it! Selecting the internal SD card storage does work with the cloud save system. Weird that it works under plain Android 9, though!]

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Re: Cloud Save Problems on newer Fire Tablets

Post by Raziel »

I don't think this is limited to Android and/or save location.

I get the same "sync failed" message randomly under AmigaOS4 and Win32 on perfectly fine writable locations
(most of the time when i rush through the options and try to immediately access a load state after running a game from the launcher).
The problem seems to be deeper in the (openssl/crypto?) code/implementation of the cloud.
It seems to be very picky when it comes to syncing and what you are "allowed" to do while syncing is in progress.

Nevermind, was a different problem...
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