Korean MI2 (and FM-Towns version) - looking for scans

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Korean MI2 (and FM-Towns version) - looking for scans

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Hey everybody, I am looking for a few high-quality scans from both the Korean and the FM-Towns version of Monkey Island 2. Specifically I am looking for the front and back covers of the Korean manual, and the back cover of the FM-Towns box.

As part of my ongoing restorations (yes, the LucasArts Posters project is winding back up) both versions offer material I haven't seen before. To be exact, the front of the Korean manual shows the only unobstructed version of the LeChuck's Revenge banner, while the back contains an almost full version of Steve Purcell's back cover artwork.

Adding to that the FM-Towns back cover carries that artwork as well, with different parts visible than on all the other versions. Ideally with all those sources, I might be able to restore the back artwork completely.

Scans should best be at least at 600dpi, WITHOUT any automatic filtering, color correction or sharpening by the scanner applied.

Any chance one of you might have these in their collection, plus a way to scan?
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