Global settings confusion

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Global settings confusion

Post by nozomi »

When selecting options for Graphics such as... "Graphics mode", "Render mode" or "Stretch mode". Or an Audio option such as "prefered device" or "Adlib emulator" from the global options, one of the options is always "DEFAULT" How is the user to know what the "DEFAULT" option is?

For example, when choosing the Adlib emulator there are 4 options...Default, MAME, DOSBOX and NUKED. So which one is default? Should it only list three options such as "MAME - Default", "DOSBOX" or "NUKED" so you would know the "MAME" emulator is the default Adlib emulator?

The same is true for all the graphics modes. A little clairity on this would be helpful.
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Re: Global settings confusion

Post by sev »

Good suggestion, but could you please post a feature request on our bug tracker ?

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Re: Global settings confusion

Post by criezy »

I actually already created one (11 years ago, so I think you can be forgiven for having forgotten about it :P ):
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