Multiple Instances Of Scumm VM

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Multiple Instances Of Scumm VM

Post by Manannan »

If this is not the right place for a question like this please let me know.

I am using the Scumm VM codebase as part of a personal code project.

I am trying to make multiple instances of Scumm VM so that multiple games can be managed at once by a website.

Here is a condensed version of how I have gone about it. I have cut a lot of stuff out . . .

CLIScumm::Wrapper::Wrapper(System::String^ gameFolderLocation, CopyRectToScreen^ screenUpdated)
g_system = . . .

PluginManager::instance().init(); //TO DO FIX this hack, so that the plugin manager is not inited twice
PluginManager::instance().loadAllPlugins(); // load plugins for cached plugin manager

DetectedGames detectionResults = EngineMan.detectGames(files).listDetectedGames();
Common::String domain = EngineMan.createTargetForGame(detectionResults.front());

//Common::String domain = "kq3";

void CLIScumm::Wrapper::init()
scummvm_main(0, {});

There is a new instance of this 'Wrapper' for every instance, and init is called once per instance as well.

This system works for a single instance, but as 'g_system' is a global variable (forgive me if I haven't used the right terminology), it is shared between instances of the wrapper, rendering multiple instances impossible :(.

Has anyone else had any previous experience in trying to make multiple instances and could they guide me in the right direction?
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