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Request a game

Post by KellyLori »

Is there anywhere we can request a game for scummvm? Would love to see Rugrats Adventure game on there
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Re: Request a game

Post by Raziel »

Unfortunately thats not how it works.

ScummVM is no emulator, every game (engine) that is supported was coded from scratch, sometimes with the help of original sources, sometimes with a painstaking effort of REing the original resources.

To (probably) make your game available in ScummVM you'd need three things
1) the source code or someone who already has or is willing to RE the original resources
2) a willing and interested developer
3) a willing and interested developer with spare time

Sorry :-/
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Re: Request a game

Post by criezy »

We indeed do not accept "requests" for the reasons given by Raziel (and this is also covered in the FAQ 2.2).

In the Junkyard section of the forum you are welcome to indicate which games you would like to see supported (and there is already a long thread on the topic) but we don't take those as requests and there is no guarantee those will ever be supported).
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