Windows CE Failure Error Log

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Windows CE Failure Error Log

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(Note to Moderators: I tried to delete the original post but haven't been able to.)

I tried the CE 1.5 package again, and every single one of the EXE files crashed just as before in the previous post.

This is what I assume is the error log and what it said:

SDL: Version $Rev$ bootstrapping GAPI device
SDL: Device is portrait, OS version 6.0 build 3122
SDL: orientation 0
SDL: Starting video access detection --->
SDL: System 800x480
SDL: Checking for GAPI
SDL: Trying Ozone
SDL: Running on Ozone
SDL: Ozone unknown screen format

I attempted to just drop an SDL file I found in a game folder from the ASUS as a wild guess- it didn't work.

That is the netbook's resolution: 800h x 480v. It is a 2006 Windows CE 6 ARM 8505 400MHz Processor Sylvania netbook, 48MB RAM available offline, the specifications in detail are here (they are at least very close): ... .asp?d=239

I would really like to get this running on this thing. It's great during power outages since it only requires about 14 watts of power.
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