Enhance the wiki's SCI/Debug Modes

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Enhance the wiki's SCI/Debug Modes

Post by lwc »

https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?titl ... ebug_Modes repeats the statement "the easiest way being SCI DECODER v1.0".
I believe that was true years ago.
This app is very user unfriendly, looks like a DOS program and as such doesn't even work with the computer mouse.
I suggest for the wiki to forget about it and recommend "SCI Resource Viewer" instead. This program has a nice GUI and lets you export resources in seconds.
Just note it has two versions - version 1 and "Unversioned".
Only the latter lets you export resources (version 1 only lets you save them as text).

I also suggest to put a little intro in the top of the wiki article with "please download this program to support many of the actions in this article".
You can link http://sci.sierrahelp.com/Tools/SCITools.html and mention this program can be downloaded at the bottom there.

What do you think?
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