Music and sound cues missing on a few LucasArts games

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Music and sound cues missing on a few LucasArts games

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Hey there fine folks of ScummVM,
the issues I'm about to address have been occuring for quite the number of iterations of ScummVM, but since they haven't been rectified I thought I'd jump in and remind you that they're still there.

The Dig:
The music cuts off/fades out after Boston says "please be friendly" to the alien in the Pyramid upon resurrecting him.
When you put the blue crystal into the command centre, the third crystal is silent when it comes out of the hole.

Full Throttle:
Music stops after Ben starts to open his eyes to see Maureen for the first time
Music stops during Malcolm Corley's death scene, about when he starts to talk about his daughter
Music cuts off as Ripburger drives away from the shareholders meeting

The Curse of Monkey Island:
Music transitions from the initial Barbery Coast intro to the main shop theme too early rather than letting the whole intro play out.
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