Can screenshots be saved as something other than bitmaps?

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Can screenshots be saved as something other than bitmaps?

Post by halenrauch »

I have just a little question. I don't like bitmaps. 1. They are huge. Usually saving the same screenshot as PNG compresses the file... some 60-70% in case of newer games with more sophisticated graphics ("The Dig", for example) and more than 90%, if I remember well, in case of older games, especially with EGA graphics.
2. I run games through D-Fend Reloaded + Scumm VM when required. I just like D-Fend Reloaded. However, it doesn't display bitmap screenshots well - full images are OK, but all thumbnails look like the first screenshot.
Can I change Scumm VM settings to make it save screenshots as PNG instead of bitmaps?

Another question about something else. Let's say I made 4 screenshots in D-Fend Reloaded (Ctrl-F5), deleted screenshot no. 3 and made another one. The new screenshot will be saved as (file name)_004, so it will be last. You don't have to know D-Fend Reloaded, I'm just describing a good program feature for comparison purposes.
Let's say I made 4 screenshots in Scumm VM (Als-S), deleted screenshot np. 3 and made another one. The new screenshot will be saved as scummvm00002 (replaces the deleted one), so it will be third. It's an option I very much dislike because it basically precluded deleting any screenshots in Scumm VM (and I won't have much free space until I get my dream desktop computer, hopefully for Christmas this year) until I finish the game and the screenshot selection process - if I delete any screenshots, I will have trouble knowing which one was saved at what point. Can I change Scumm VM setting to make it save screenshots as [last screenshot name + 1], not [first free slot]?
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Post by Dark-Star »

If you compile ScummVM with libpng, screenshots are automatically saved in .png format instead of .bmp. What build are you using?

As for your second problem, you can order the screenshots by Creation Date in Windows Explorer, that will show them in the correct order. Or only delete them at the very end when you're finished playing through the game?
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Post by GateKeeper »

I think I wrote here before that I would prefer to have PNG option too, and some way to define a filename format for screenshots.

I think somebody suggested sending a feature request. I never actually did it, as I thought it's so low priority that it will never be implemented. But if there actually are more people who would be using such features, maybe someone would look into that some day.

If you want to send the request, I believe this is the place to do it:
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Post by Tiffany357 »

Hii... I have a quetsion here,

I am an issue in saving and loading of windows in scummVM. How to save the list view mode in save/load screen of scummVM??? why scummVM saved games don't show in a list, more info on this ???
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Post by digitall »

Run ScummVM and choose Load in the Launcher. The two small buttons in the bottom left select between Grid and List view of savegames. I just tested and the selected view is remembered if you exit ScummVM.

If you really have issues changing this, then you can edit the config file directly i.e. ... ADME#L2572

The option for the save view is:
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