scummvm 1.5.0 crashes on iphone 5 ios6.1.2

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scummvm 1.5.0 crashes on iphone 5 ios6.1.2

Post by Zerochen »

I have scummvm 1.5 installed via Cydia on my Iphone 5 IOS 6.1.2. As soon as I try to start it, the program opens briefly and schliest again immediately.
Is there a solution for this? :roll:

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Post by sev »

Although the forums are not the right place for bugreports, I'll give you a reply.

Yes, it is known problem and has been fixed recently. We will address it in upcoming 1.6.0 and will discuss reissue of 1.5.0.


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Post by kolokbmk »

Hi there !
Any news about 1.6 ans IOS so far ?

I miss scummvm .....

Thx all !

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Post by OMGsus »

I have a temp fix for this I can post once I stop getting flagged for spam for posting links (even though I did a pretty good job of stripping all inks and slashes and etc etc).

Will post once I stop getting flagged.

In the meantime, since I cleaned it all up and i'm still getting flagged (I have to at least praise the anti-spam system :D ) ill go over a summary...

uninstall scummvm from cydia (1.5.0)

Get the latest build (sep3 nightly is 1.7.0ish)

unpack latest build, it will unpack in a iphone-master-buildnumber dir

copy latest unpacked .app folder in /Applications

go into scummvm app dir and rename scummvm binary file to scummvm-bak

also rename scummvm-iph5 to scummvm

reboot phone. not respring, REBOOT.


remember, this is a temp fix. keep an eye out for official release.

Also, sorry for the cryptic instructions, I have no idea what was getting flagged so I just did this as simply as possible for now. And if this was already posted (i couldn't find it) Sorry for that as well...

Detailed instructions to come once my post count goes up.


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Post by kolokbmk »

Hi OMGsus,

Sounds clear, but same "start crash" for me ....
was it the latest dev build or latest stable build ?
Anyway, latest stable build is unreachable now ....

Despite all, Thanks a lot for your help

I've just found a way to solve the problem :
In the scummvm file properties, just tag "execute" for everyone, in the access permissions... (with ifile for exemple)

Thx again!

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Post by Dr_Woolf »

Thanks OMGsus and kolokbmk, :) . It worked after following modifications: by using ifile I made file permissions of scummvm binary as "Read and Execute" for User, Group and World.

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Post by LermanStevenson »

This is a major issue of scummvm 1.5 on iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.1 version but it has recently fixed by scummvm developers. Please try to setup once again because i recently updated it with my iOS 6.1.1 version.

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[HOW-TO] Get ScummVM Working on iOS 7.0.4 on an iPhone 5S

Post by Onlyzen »

If you added UrbanFanatics' source and installed, and you're running an iPhone 5S (and maybe the 5 as well), you likely crash back to the homescreen every time you launch ScummVM.
Fear not, there is a way to make this work, you'll be up and playing awesome 90s adventure games quicker than you know it.
a) Some way of copying files over to your device, outside the sandbox. This can be iExplorer, SSH, iFunBox, DiskAid, whatever. You just need to be able to do it.
b) You need an internet connection. Derp.
c) You need some ScummVM roms.
How-To: 1) Install ScummVM from the UrbanFanatics source. This means add the source if you haven't already, it's a package in Cydia.
2) Download the latest nightly development build from the ScummVM Build-bot. Link available here:
3) Extract the .tar.bz2 you got until you've got a folder and its contents.
4) Rename ScummVM (the application file itself) to ScummVM-old
5) Rename ScummVM-iph5 to ScummVM
6) Connect to your iPhone and copy the contents of the folder to /Applications/ (aka /private/var/stash/Applications.XXXXX/
7) Disconnect your iPhone, launch ScummVM from the home screen.
Now it should run instead of crashing to the homescreen repeatedly. Tada!

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