Freezing mouse pointer

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Freezing mouse pointer

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I recently upgraded to the latest version, the one which removed the double mouse pointers. Most thankful for that one i must say. :)
But i got another mouse related problem, i run ScummVM on android TV with a cordless keyboard with builtin touchpad. Worked wonderfully with the version before this one except for the double mouse pointers. In this version, the July build if i understand correctly the mouse pointer is laging and freezing, it also gets stuck on the screen borders for a little while (never seen that one before). It is extremly annoying, but i cannot find anyone else with this problem, no bug reported or nothing in this forum.
Makes me wonder, am i the only one? Is this known? Or is this a rare android tv bug which no one else has?

Thanks in advance

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Post by Timiditas »

Had the same problem on pre 2.x.x versions on my SM-t111. 2.1.x seems to have fixed that, although I can't access the mouse options on that one

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