"Greyed out" Load button functionality

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"Greyed out" Load button functionality

Post by Raziel » Sun May 14, 2017 7:04 am

Is there a possibility to enhance the launcher's Load button to show an information window for games (instead of switching to the save state window) that do not support restore from the launcher?

Goblins 3 comes to mind where, even if save states are avaialble, restoring them from launcher is not possible due to the game's handling of save states.
With a "greyed out" Load button one could think that something is broken or the last game session (with saves) was lost or ScummVM did something bad. (The user will only know when he/she starts the game and checks for the saves)

Wouldn't it be better to show a message instead (when clicking on "Load" in launcher) which briefly explains why restoring from the launcher (with this specific game) isn't possible?

I don't know how many games actually can't do that...from the top of my head i can only think of the Gobliiins series right now (given the fact that Gobliiins itself uses passwords for levels)

And, as a bonus, if it *is* possible for ScummVM to "see" if there a Goblins 3 save states available or not, finding none could still trigger the "greyed out" Load button to stay consistent.

Just an idea, not sure if it would be feasable...i'd gladly open a PR for it, if you want me to, just wanted to ask first to not spam the tracker

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Post by sev » Sun May 14, 2017 8:28 am

We have that for a long while. It is called GUI Options, GUIO_* series of constants in the sources.

Particularly, for the functionality you describe, the GUIO_NOLAUNCHLOAD has to be used as part of the game entries for all games which do not support that.

There is one heads-up, though. GUIOs have affect only after the first launch of the game, e.g. they work as a setting which is stored in the scummvm.ini file, and that happens only after the engine was launched.


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