How to: ScummVM on Windows 10 Home Tablet - Touch only

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How to: ScummVM on Windows 10 Home Tablet - Touch only

Post by P4NCH0theD0G » Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:09 pm

This is how it worked for me. Your experience might be different. But I thought I'd post this here for anyone interested. This is for a 32bit Win 10 version, but it may work with the 64bit, as well.

Also, if I made mistakes or listed unnecessary stuff, feel free to correct :)

My Tablet: Odys Win 10 Tab, came with Win 8.1, now upgraded to Win 10 32bit; Intel Atom 1,33, 2 GB Ram, 720p Display

Now, the list of things to have:

ScummVM - preferably a new and virgin install started only once to create the scummvm.ini

To be honest, I don't know if it really makes a difference, having a clean, new install, but since you can keep savegames and everything else, it shouldn't be a problem.
You do need to start it once, though.

Then you need the "Touchenabled SDL" from here:

This is from Forum user Jayel aka youtube entity ItchyHillary08 so all credits to him and his wonderful SDL

You might also need a DLL file, specifically: msvcr100.dll
If you need it, it will become apparent once you've installed and modified the Touchenabled SDL, as scummvm won't start because the file is missing and scumm will tell you so.

To get it, you go to ... l?msvcr100

Scroll down past the paying malarkey and get the latest version as a zip, unpack it and copy it to: C:\Windows\System32 - for 64bit Win, copy it to C:\Windows\System32 AND C:\Windows\SysWOW64 - it should be in both folders.

Now, once you have all that and have the Touchenabled SDL file "SDL.dll" unpacked on your Tablet, you go install and start ScummVM once.
Don't add any games, don't do anything really. Just start it, if it asks if it's okay to create an .ini file, say yes, then close it again. You might need an external mouse for that.

Once you have done that, it's time to install the new SDL and modify the scummvm.ini (this is all described in the Touchenabled SDL readme file):

Go to C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\ScummVM or wherever your appdata is (to see the appdata folder you need to switch hidden objects in Explorer to be visible).
There you should find "scummvm.ini"
Open it with WORDPAD, since it does line breaks and you need those.
In the first section, the one labeled [scummvm], add these two lines:


Now, the readme file says to add gfx_mode=GL2, but that didn't work for me.
If opengl_linear doesn't work for you, try GL2.
If opengl_linear crashes scumm, try updating your GPU drivers and/or running scummvm as admin.

Then you first do a bit of safety-netting:
Go to the ScummVM program folder, usually: C:\program files\scummvm, look for a file called SDL.dll and rename it into something else, like SDL_Hammer.dll (since there`s no touching with that one) to have a backup.
Then copy the SDL.dll from the Touchenabled SDL zip into the same folder.
If things fall apart, you can just delete the new dll and rename the Hammer.dll back to SDL.dll and things should work again for a new try. It's simpler than reinstalling ScummVM again.

Now you're pretty much all set - if you want to use your Touchscreen like a giant touchpad, that is.
It`s what I prefer, since I have meaty fingers and I always have a hard time hitting what I want to hit when I just tap on the screen.
If you prefer the other way around, that the cursor/game/ mouse pointer jumps to where you tap on the screen, there's more stuff to do (but since I didn't do that stuff, I cannot vouch for it):

Go to your ScummVM Program Folder.
Create a new file: scummVM.bat
Open the file with a text editor.
Insert the lines:

@echo off

Pin that Bat file to your Start Menu, because you have to use that one to start ScummVM

But there`s one more thing you can do to avoid a bit of a hassle later on - which is making sure you can trigger your on-screen keyboard during scumming and that you have the all-important F-Keys at your disposal.

In Win 10, go to Settings - Devices - Spelling. Scroll down until you get to Mouse and Keyboard and turn ON the options for:
"Add the standard keyboard layout as a touch keyboard option"
"Show the touch keyboard when not in tablet mode and there's no keyboard attached."

Then tap the touch/virtual keyboard icon in your taskbar to pull it up, tap the right bottom corner button to select your keyboard and choose the one to the right. Now you have access to the F-Buttons (very important for Lucasarts) and the ESC button (just very important).

Good luck and good fun :)

Corrected a few mistakes - Sorry.

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