RetroPie Problems with brilliant ScummVM

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RetroPie Problems with brilliant ScummVM

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I'm using ScummVM 1.8.1pre (Mar 7 2016 00:34:19) to play Zork The Grand Inquisitor for the first time since buying the disk yonks ago (never had a machine that would run it).

ScummVM is fantastic, but on my Raspberry Pi 3 there are a couple of significant issues...

1. Xbox 360 Joypad emulation of the mouse is very laggy on RetroPie 3.8. There's more on this here: ... control/12

2. I'm unable to pull up the menu bar (Resume/Load/Save/Options/Help/About/Return to Launcher/Quit) using the joypad controller. I can do this with Monkey Island.

It would be brilliant if these issues could be fixed, as I'm trying to make this set-up potentially accessible for a range of disabled users. I'll be pointing to, but I need to get it all working first.

3. Huge ask, but a virtual keyboard for access via the mouse/joystick would be a huge boon for point and click games needing the occasional keyboard press for disabled users unable to access a standard keyboard.

I'm hoping to make a few key Scumm compatible games possible to play using a single switch for some of the most disabled gamers, so anything you can do to boost access with the 3 points above would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks for the amazing work you're sharing in keeping these games alive and available.

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