GOG Spring Imsomnia Sale has just started

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GOG Spring Imsomnia Sale has just started

Post by dreammaster »

GOG have started their Spring Insomnia Sale. They've already iterated through quite a few point-n-click adventures already, including the Gobliins pack, so hopefully they'll be some more ScummVM compatible titles soon.
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Post by Collector »

Perhaps you should link to it with the ScummVM PP number?
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More adventure games at GOG this week.

Post by lazylazyjoe »

Just to update some new sales for Adventure games this weekend @ GOG. (Not many Scummvm titles, but good adventure games )
both Syberia's, both Still Lifes, Amerzone, Atlantis 1-3, Dracula 1-3, Post Mortem,a few others too, each for $3 or less until tuesday 27th. Most are Windows only though... Just make sure to use Scummvm's affiliate link at the top of the page. (I copied it at the bottom of my post too)

Amazon has sone good stuff too,
Tales of MI $1.80/episode, Sam & Max $6 each season, LBA & LBA2 $3 /ea, Back to Future $5, Anna $2.50, Deponia $2, Cognition, Nancy Drew, Machinarium, & bunch of other adventure games. The catch is most are Windows and/or steam only... (Plus, keep an eye on HumbleBundle. They're doing a bundle a day this week & they usually offer DRm free & Linux builds)

http://www.gog.com/en/frontpage/?pp=22d ... 477c95c23d
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