Version numbers?

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Version numbers?

Post by AMindForeverVoyaging »

I'll admit this is a trivial topic at best, but I'm curious about the conventions used for numbering each new version of SCUMMVM. Specifically, I would have thought that having reached the original goal of the project (near-perfect compaitibility for LucasArts games, on multiple platforms) that SCUMMVM would have hit version 1.0. I always thought this was SOP when coding projects. Is SCUMMVM different? Is 1.0 an unattainable level of perfection that you will always strive for?

Not that any of this matters in the slightest, I'm just curious.

Oh, and great job guys, keep up the good work.
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Post by sev »

We still don't support Apple versions, MM NES and MM C64 do not work properly, especially the latter, and nobody yet deciphered Loom PCE.

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Post by Dark-Star »

I don't get why people get so emotionally attached when it comes to version numbers (for example, if you followed the MAME boards recently, you know what I mean ;))
It's just a number, no more and no less. It serves only one purpose, telling you which version is earlier (=older) and which one is newer.


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Post by frin »

probably because they think when first number in version changes, that it's something much better, and hope to expect something new/ big change ;)
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