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Curse and Sword

Post by Yixian » Wed Mar 29, 2006 4:44 pm

Is there any chance someone could work on fixing Curse of Monkey Island and Broken Sword 1+2 for the Symbian OS? Last time people tried it was on N-gage, which as about 104Mhz ARm and 3.5mb RAM, and people said we'd need twice of both.

Now, I have a Nokia N70, and that's 220Mhz and 35mb RAM, so I think we might be coming close to the speed needed if only a couple of tweeks could be made to either the game or the Scummvm version.

Is there any hope?

EDIT: Perhapstinker with the Palm OS version? I dunno :)

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Post by Anotherguest » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:37 am

Dont expect this to happen. COMI is running slow on the PSP @ 330 mhz and even 220 mhz, with a hugedownscale, is n't likely to increase the performance. Also resizin 640x480 ->208x176 is not really increasing the readability either. I have n't notices a great speed up on the 220 MHZ devices.. more of that , that games with fm music is running quite ok, but going to fmv and higher resolutions, it feels a bit much actually.

For COMI I would say 300-400 mhz mobilephone with a resolution of at least 400x300. as for BS it might be a little bit easier, but still needs that added resolution.

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