Portrait mode?

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Portrait mode?

Post by badbob001 »

When starting scummvm, it does a landscape rotation of the screen. This is normally fine, but for some games or at certain parts of a game, I want to have both the game screen and the keyboard visible at the same time (using the Hacker's Keyboard, which supports special keys like Ctrl, arrow, even Function keys).

Even on the main Scummvm menu, I can't enable the option to add a whole directory of games since I can't hold down the shift button and position the mouse at the same time.

I tried some apps to force a portrait orientation and scummvm either just shows a black screen or there are major distortions.

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Post by Teremei »

I don't think Scummvm has portrait mode and it is a shame. So many of the original seirra games really need it. I'm probably going to end up getting a micro keyboard so I can use that to play those games on the tablet.

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