Is it possible to scummvm the strategy game like dune2?

All the inane chatter goes in here. If you're curious about whether we will support a game, post HERE not in General Discussion :)

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UFO wrote:how much of reading or how many tries and how technical does one want me to do?
As much as you have time/interest/motivation for.

The usual reason people say "RTFM" is a perceived unappreciation for the people who spent their free time writing the documentation. (or lack of effort or whatever)

Different people need different levels of boiling it down. You're probably not the only one who is suffering from the same problems, so step 1 is to look for articles and so forth about the same problems. Step 2 is to write these articles to help others.

These minor contributions go a long way. Remember, these projects are free time things for everyone involved (including the users). I am sure the projects themselves will appreciate these how-to articles that are written with non-technical folks in mind.
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I don't know what you read back then but right now (since 0.74)(2 years) dosbox has a very user friendly manual (I rewrote it to make sure everybody understands).
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