How to use F1 and F2?

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How to use F1 and F2?

Post by Nonjas »

Hi! I'm using Scumm on my SGSII. Works awesome with every game, but I have a problem with Fascination. The game asks to press F1 (Demo) or F2 (Game), but I don't know how to do it.

I bring the virtual keyboard to screen, but there's no F1 or F2.

Any idea?

Thank you!
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Post by Nonjas »

I read somewhere that @#$%& etc. simulate F1, F2... but that don't work for me.
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Post by mehdi.moha »

me too !
please let me know if you find a way
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Post by bunklung »

There is Hacker's Keyboard in the Play Store.

However, it didn't work for me.

It's the Fn key. It expands to all the F Keys, but I have zero luck. I think the ScummVM port does not support the F Keys in a standard way.

On a semi unrelated note, have you tried the AGS port for Android? They have an option in the menu that shows all the F Keys and by touch you can send the F key.

Would be great if the ScummVM port implemented it the same way.

I saw this blurb:
KuroShiro wrote:It's a bit unintuitive... first bring up the virtual keyboard (usually by holding down menu), and then press whatever # of function key you want, and then press the back button. That should serve as pressing the F-whatever key.
But this doesn't work for me.
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Post by andrea2054 »

It is possible to add support for The Hacker's Keyboard?
So you can solve the missing F keys problem, but maybe also the ALT key problem described in this thread

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