(SOLVED) problem bottom screen hp touchpad !!!! HELP PLEASE

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(SOLVED) problem bottom screen hp touchpad !!!! HELP PLEASE

Post by defutura »

Hello everyone...
I'm a super newb...
I just boughg an HP Touchpad (I know its "old" but I love the OS)
So I've download scummvm from the app store... And I've install one of my favorite game The Curse of monkey Island.... The game works fine (in french :) ) .... But I got a problem...
I cannot access the bottom of the screen.... So impossible to access some sentences and object..... I'm pretty sure there's a solution...
so can you help me please....
big thanks in advance.... And great works
see you

Ok if someone have the same problem.... I've just change the theme of Scummvm , and it works... (don't ask me why)... I can access averything on the sreen now :D
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