ScummVM 1.4.0 "10th Anniversary" Released!

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Post by spk64 »

Congratulations for 10th Anniversary!
greatest & best Platform and the greatest community...
Without you I would probably still despair at DosBox
Write an emulator for it,
get him to live permanently
and to present again and again news about it,
deserves an award!
Really you earn my Respect for this lifelong project.
There is not even ONE developers who put out a game after 10 years,
which can receive the enthusiastic so long.
but the old Adventures over and over again.
Of course, only by the best program ever SCUMM VM
The Only One, the Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine.

And not to forget it...
all thanks to your support and your great help.
which makes you the master of the subjects
mIRC has shown me anyway!

Thank you for your work!
and a very great and nice Thank you to Strangerke...
who has always helped me with my problems!
Above all for the last action you made for me!
(Thank you for informations in your last e-mail)
You are my Hero or favourite Admin 8)

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Post by jedimtrick »

There is a lot of love for these games on the past 10 years. I mean, it is clearly not the will to mimic perfectly the performance of these games back in their time, but the need to play it perfectly and remember the very first time you could breathe underwater for 10 minutes or use the hand on the barman's piercing.

Along these years, there wasn't a single device i had i didn't install a ScummVM port. And yes, I must have played Le Chuck's Revenge a dozen times. And it never gets old.

With so many platforms to install it and with so many games supported, all I can say is thank you for these awesome 10 years.
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