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Regarding WFBS you might want to read this thread
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Re: Forwarder

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kintera wrote:This seem to be broken as long as I a have an sd card in.

I'm running wii 4.1(with ios58) scumm located on my USB 2.0 external with dual partition fat32/wbfs partitions. ScummVM works fine through if i eject the SD card then the forwarder will work. Though if any SD card is in which none have scumm at all it will start the un-themed(black and green) interface and no settings of my games load. now this can be fixed by moving scumm to the SD card but then all the locations are broken for the games. there seems to be a bug with this and having an SD card in while starting. and yes i have checked all my ios's. Any ideas or is it just broken?
I have a 4.1 (IOS58) Wii myself and have no issues. Although, I load ScummVVM from the SD card and my games from my external HDD (dual partition with the primary partition formatted to FAT32). Why not try to put ScummVM on your SD card and see if that fixes it?
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Hmm... really want to get this channel working for my GF so she doesn't have to go through the homebrew channel (make it as easy as possible so she doesnt get frustrated!!)

but when I launch the channel, it says nothing, and goes right back to the system menu...

I can boot scummvm from my SD through homebrew channel no problem.

Currently 4.1U, on IOS60

tried as much as I can think of, following advice from a lot of the posts here, but it's been about a year and a half since I even turned my wii on :S I could easily be overlooking something simple

any help would be greately appreciated!
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Can somebody please reupload this awesome looking channel?
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I recently updated my PAL Wii to the latest level (so it's on Wii System Menu 4.3E and IOS58, AIUI) and I managed to install the Homebrew Channel by following the Homebrew_setup guide on a popular Wii homebrew site, which describes how to make use of the Letterbomb exploit.

From there, I've been able to install the latest nightly build of the ScummVM Wii port on to my microSD card which works great when run through the Homebrew Channel, and also managed to install a Super NES emulator through the Homebrew Browser, along with a channel which can launch that emulator directly from the Wii System Menu.

I've been attempting to install this ScummVM Channel so I can also run ScummVM from the Wii System Menu. I found a guide online on how to use a WAD Manager (not sure if I am permitted to post a link to the guide here?) but every time I tried to navigate to the directory with the WAD file, YAWMM just crashed completely with a bunch of HEX / errors. That's before I even selected the file, and moving the WAD file into a different directory didn't help.

I thought this ScummVM Channel WAD was supposed to support IOS58 which I thought is what I had installed with Update 4.3 ... but something definitely isn't happy.

Does anyone have any simple pointers?

Thanks in advance.
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Broken Sword 2.5 is broken on the Wii version. Latest stable and nightly build.
It brings up an error message about 640 480 out of bounds when starting the game.
The game runs in 800x600, would this be possible to modify the wii version to run on in 640 x 480?
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