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Installation Directories

Post by zakmck »

Hi all,

I've installed ScummVM on my Nokia 5800 XM and works pretty well, thanks developers!

However, despite the fact I told the installer to put files in the external memory card, it seems it has quite a lot in the main memory too (c:\ScummVM). Here, I could find the default savegame folder, but also other files, like drascula.dat or kyra.dat. Unfortunately I have this memory full, while the external card is almost empty. I tried to move this directory to the card, but it seems c:\ is still occupied by other files. Is there a way to tell ScummVM which file system to use?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Post by Anotherguest »

You can point your savefile folder to another folder. You can also move the dat files from there, and put the extra folder path to this directory (or move them to the game folder if you are playing any one of the games that needs the dat files)

If you don't play any of the games, just remove the data files. (game specific dat files that is)

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