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Sam and Max

Post by clashfan »

I'm running 1.2.1 on Moto Droid. How do you change the cursor icon in the game? I though the search or camera button is the right click? I'm stuck at the beginning of the game and can't go down stairs...
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Post by ubertrout »

I've been playing Sam and Max on my Droid Pro, using the physical keyboard to change modes (w=walk, u=use, l=look, t=talk, p=pick up). This has gotten me pretty far in the game.

However, I'm stuck on the puzzle where you have to locate frog rock. Spoilers below:

I have the binoculars properly rigged up, and I can see the two reference points and the rock itself. But I can't make it stop. How can I control it without the right mouse button?
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Post by dhewg »

with 1.2.1 i think you hit the camera button, and the next tap will be a right click then.
but you might want to try a recent nightly build, see the sticky thread
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