The 7th Guest dos version on anroid...

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The 7th Guest dos version on anroid...

Post by mrdraculya »

I have scummvm installed on my HTC EVO phone and it works. I am running the dos version of T7G and it also works, HOWEVER, the video scenes are running very choppy. The videos play but the sound is very.. like, "stuttering"! All the music plays fine, it is just on the videos! I have "killed" all "running apps", in case that was bogging it down... Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Post by ScottT »

Not much else I can say here, other than we/I am aware of that issue. The VDX decoder is somewhat inefficient, and optimisation is something that would be nice in the future.

The interesting thing is that the unofficial SDL version somehow 'works' (ie, the sound isn't choppy), so that may be a workaround option for the time being.
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