Full Throttle is not detected

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Full Throttle is not detected

Post by tech386 »

Scumm software (latest ver) does not detect my Full Throttle installation. The version of the game I have is the one packaged with a Dark Forces 3 level special edition.
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Post by sev »

And does ScummVM say something in the console window?

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Post by fingolfin »

Normally I'd now point you to this excellent guide on How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, but then I noticed you didn't ask a question, so it wouldn't be appropriate, right? :-).
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Post by Jorpho »

I too am using the one with the special edition of Dark Forces. You'll have to browse to the Resource directory before selecting Choose; if you just stop in the root directory of the CD, it won't work.
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Post by digitalvampire »

I'm having the same problem. SCUMMVM won't detect Full Throttle. I dug around in the resource folder, but I got nothing. Can anyone help me?
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Post by Muyfa666 »

Read up on which files are needed for FT, and use the last stable build. Not CVS. Does that make any difference?
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