N900 File System

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N900 File System

Post by mjukis »

I downloaded and installed ScummVM for my N900 via the built in file manager. Put my game files in a new folder on the flash drive that shows up when I plug in the phone to my computer.
The program starts just fine, but when I try to add a game I can't navigate to the correct folder. It gives me bin, boot, dev, etc to choose from, which I'm assuming is the "internal" memory for installed programs and such, and even though the flash memory I put my videos and pictures and other files on is also in fact internal it's still a seperate drive.

I've seen some threads here where people are running scummvm games on their N900s so I'm hoping one of you can help me out. Can I somehow access the other drive, or do I need to somehow install scummvm to the other drive, or do I somehow need to transfer the game data files to the internal drive?

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Post by N900 »

the bin, boot, dev etc folders you state.. are actually just hidden folders, for safety of accidental deletion! they are hidden if you use either your pc or your phone to look at your mobiles content.

If you click on HOME/USER/MY DOCS
then you should see your home made folder with your games! From there you should be able to open it and add each game to scummvm.

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