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Need Help Burning

Post by grim107 »

I posted last summer about this issue. You see, I'm having a lot of trouble burning the ScummVm port for Dreamcast. I originally found a copy of an older Scumm on DC Evolution that was saved as a .cdi. It boots up fine. The problem is that now, a newer version has been released and I would really like to play Discworld on my DC (plus get rid of the annoying autosave). I downloaded the plain files, ran the folder through Bootdreams, and burnt with Discjuggler. For some reason, I just can't get this to load in my DC. I've noticed that there doesn't appear to be a 1st_read.bin in the directory. I assume that this is part of the problem. I copied over the 1st_read.bin from the older version of Scumm and got the CD to flash the DC Evolution splash screen and then turn black after a few seconds, at which point, my DC would reboot. Does anyone have any idea why I can't get this to load correctly? I'd use the Nero files, but I have a problem with Nero on this computer. It fails several times before I successfully burn a project. To top it off, I can't seem to get anything to boot in my DC unless it's been burnt with Discjuggler. I've burnt the same exact files using Bootdreams on this and another computer. The CD that came out of the other computer worked fine, while the CD that came out of this computer didn't. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.

On a side note, the folks at DC Evolution have successfully played through The Dig. This very well may be the first time in history that this feat has been accomplished. If you head over to their site, they'll explain how it's done.
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Post by Stryfe »

I sometimes have problems getting the nightly builds to work unless they are un-scrambled, and booted with Dream Inducer, DcHakker, or the like.

For using the last stable releases, select the 'SCUMMVM.BIN', when BootDreams ask for the main binary.

The Dreamcast version of ScummVM uses plugins to optimize the limitations of the game system.

If you are burning a bootdisc, leave all the plugins intact, and selfboot wih BootDreams. If you plan on burning one, or more, game(s) to the disc with the ScummVM files, delete any of the plugin files you don't need.

For instance; To create a Secret of Monkey Island standalone ScummVM disc.
* Place the main binary (SCUMMVM.BIN), and the 'plugin' for the Lucasarts games (SCUMM.PLG) in a folder with the game files.
* Selfboot that folder with Bootdreams.
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Re: Need Help Burning

Post by DCDayDreamer »

grim107 wrote:To top it off, I can't seem to get anything to boot in my DC unless it's been burnt with Discjuggler.
You can find a bootdisc of ScummVM 1.1.0 in Discjuggler format here.
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