where i get some of my games

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where i get some of my games

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You won't get any help about illegally downloaded games here, sorry.
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freestylemuzik, I hereby give you your one and only

WARNING: Post links to warez sites again, and you'll be banned!
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There's no need, as there are plenty of free games to choose from, using the latest dev version. There's :
Beneath Steel Sky
Amazon Queen
Teen Agent
Dragon History
Lure of the Temptress,
a few fanmade SCI0 games like Al Pond and lastly
Over 100 Agi fangames, including two good Space Quest games. The Naturette series is even point n click. Also, check out enclosure.
Did I miss any? And that's just for ScummVm. There's so many freeware games available, there's almost no need to buy games. Just search and you will find.
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If we're talking about legit free games for ScummVM, there's also a short fan-made SCUMM title called Open Quest. ScummVM recognizes it as DOTT, but it works just fine.
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