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French LucasArts games compatibility

Post by pr0ph »

Hi all!

This is my first post in these forums, I discovered the joys of ScummVM a few days ago and it's a blast. I used to play all of my favorites games using DosBOX, but ScummVM is just too good for all LucasArts games!

Warm greetings to the team for satisfying my videogames nostalgia! 8)

Now, I just have a question. Sorry if there's already some thread about it, I spent some time looking for it without success. So here we go:

Some of my games, in french, have troubles running in ScummVM, while other games in french run just fine. When I select their folder when making a new profile, a "pick the game" list appears, that doesn't feature the games I have troubles with :evil:

I messed a bit with scummvm.ini. Basically, I managed to get english versions as well for these 2 games, so I just copy-pasted their entries and adapted them for french version. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

Here is what the command window shows when launching both games:

- Indy3 256 colors french version:

Looking for indy3
Trying to start game 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'
Unknown MD5 (f3c4ed6101b4c26c762b2dfb16b1481d)! Please report the details (language, platform, etc.) of this game to the ScummVM team
The magic id doesn't match (0xFE08)!

- Loom french version:

Trying to start game 'Loom'
Unknown MD5 (a24841b32a38d41ab2e0a698c523e2b2)! Please report the details (language, platform, etc.) of this game to the ScummVM team
The magic id doesn't match (0xFE03)!

The details are pretty obvious:

- language : french
- platform : PC/DOS

I guess my magic id's are wrong :D

Guys, what should I do to solve that? Is it strictly a problem with ScummVM that needs to be fixed in an upcoming version, or is there anything I could do about it?

Thanks a lot, I'm eagerly waiting for your answers :)

Warm greetings, and sorry for the lecture, that's a habit I can't get rid of :twisted:
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Post by pr0ph »

Ok, after some more search, I found this topic:

So apparently there's a known issue with Indy3 and Loom french versions.

Now my question: can I do something to tell ScummVM to look for the correct md5, or will I have to wait for a new build?

Thanks for your help!
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Post by clem »

I assume that you are running version 0.8.0 - seems this got added afterwards, look for the daily snapshot download on the download page and try that

hope that helps
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Post by Kirben »

Check out the fan translations topic at
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Post by Kaminari »

@pr0ph: official French versions will work out of the box, unofficial translations won't without modifying your INI file.

Look at ATP for quality translations of Indy 3 VGA and Loom VGA (I did the last one). You'll need to apply those translation patches on an original copy, according to the instructions provided with the patches. Any support request for illegal copies already patched and distributed on the net will be ignored or flamed down, so don't even try wasting my time if it's your case.
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