No Games Showing (can't find any answer to fix this) . . .

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No Games Showing (can't find any answer to fix this) . . .

Post by JRUNCK » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:36 am

I have been trying for days to get scummVM to work on my Jailbroken iPhone 3G Version 2.2./Firmware 02.28.00. I had this program working perfectly until I restored my device back to factory settings because I had it filled up with too much stuff. I have all my other programs from Cydia working fine again except I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my games to show up on scummVM again like they where before my restore. I recieve this error message "ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory!". I have uninstalled/reinstalled three times while rebooting my device in between, I have permissions for all the folders set to 0755, I created a folder titled "ScummVM Games" in /private/var/mobile (just like I did last time). I have the same exact games in the same folder that it was working perfectly in before. The games I'm using are Leisure Suit Larry & Manic Mansion. Can anyone tell me what will get this working again? Everything is setup exactly like it was when I had both games working. I have looked in forums/Google and can't figure it out. I am also using the same exact verson of scummVM (v. 0.12.0). I wanna get my Leisure on!!!

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Post by Vinterstum » Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:35 pm

A common cause for this is that you're trying to add the contents of the folder, and not the folder instead.

I.e. if you have a folder called "SamnMax", don't double-click that folder to enter it, just select it and click Add.

Sounds silly, but I've done the same mistake myself quite a few times :).

Edit: Bit of a late reply, I guess. Too preoccupied with work these days :(.

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