How to transfer your games to your iPhone/iPod Touch faster

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How to transfer your games to your iPhone/iPod Touch faster

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Everyone is aware that ScummVM games can get quite large, and as such transferring them to your iPhone or iPod Touch can be a very annoying and exhaustive process. 2 hours for just Broken Sword is quite tiring.

However there is an easier and faster way of transferring your games to your iDevice. Currently it is recommended to use WinSCP (or equivelant SFTP program) to transfer across. However, these programs use secure lines and transfer across Wifi meaning you're most likely going to be getting around 50kb/sec. However, using a program called iPhone Browser you can transfer via USB taking what was a 2 hour process down to just minutes. Here's how:

1) Go to and download the latest version of iPhone Browser (note: this is a Windows based app. I don't know of a native Mac app that does this yet, so Mac users either use Bootcamp or Parallels to load it up)

2) Connect your iPhone via USB. It should automatically show up. If you are only getting a small file list it is because your phone isn't jailbroken. Go jailbreak it and come back.

3) Navigate in the left pane to [root]/private/var/mobile/ and if you haven't uploaded games before I recommend right clicking on the mobile folder and selecting New Folder. Call it something like Games, or ScummVM and select this folder.

4) Open up Windows Explorer and find the folder of the game you wish to transfer.

5) Drag the folder across into iPhone Explorer's right pane and the process will begin. The program will look like it's stopped responding. Don't worry, it is just copying the files across. Leave it and when it comes back to life your files will be copied across.

6) Load up ScummVM and add the games to your menu.

7) Enjoy.
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