Original fixes and patches for LA-Adventures needed?

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Original fixes and patches for LA-Adventures needed?

Post by a.borque »

I have started usind my old collection of Lucasarts-Adventures with ScummVM.
My question is: do I need all the patches for the games Lucasarts released for DOS-based as well as for Windows-based games?
I have already read, that the Roland-Patches are needed for Sound support in some cases and that the problem with sending letters in german versions of MM is fixed by ScummVM without patching. But what about all the other fixes released on support.lucasrts.com? I haven't seen any answer here.
Thanks for reply!
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Post by clem »

All SCUMM games will play without additional patches, so they're not "needed."

If the patches are just modified .exe files updating won't change a thing for ScummVM since the original game executables aren't used anyway.

This just speaking from experience, I haven't tried the patches off lucasarts.com
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Post by Kaminari »

Updates are required for certain games to support Roland synths, like MI1.
Ceri Cat
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Post by Ceri Cat »

It comes down to what it fixes. ie fixing items not appearing in x room would be advised as the fix is probably down to scripts/game data rather than the executable. SCUMM VM replaces the executable itself so it's not important, and usually a lot of the game logic is in the executable so most patches are fixes to it, not game data. If you're not sure there is nothing stopping you from applying all the patches prior to rebuilding the data files for SCUMM VM to use. It probably isn't necessary, but it isn't likely to cause you any problems either.
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