ScummVM not working after years of use

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ScummVM not working after years of use

Post by ManuelCalavera »

I have been using ScummVM for about about 3 years with no problems. So today after using scummvm about 30 minutes before, I went to open it and got an error message. The message pops up for about a second then goes away so I did a print to screen to get a snapshot.

At first I got this error message which I fixed.

The default location of the config file (scummvm.ini) in ScummVM has changed, under Windows NT4/2000/Vista. You may want to consider moving your config file from the old default location: C:\Windows\scummvm.ini
to the new default location: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\ScummVM\scummvm.ini

After correcting the error I tried again to run the program and got another error message.

Config file buggy: Junk found in line line 145: 'Zak McKracken\'!

I would really apreciate the help I dont know what I would do if I couldent play my old games anymore.
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Post by Longcat »

sounds like somethings gone bad in scummvm.ini.
try deleting it.

and what version of ScummVM are you currently using? it sounds to me like you haven't updated it for a while:)

get the latest stable build from and install it.
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Re: ScummVM not working after years of use

Post by eriktorbjorn »

ManuelCalavera wrote: Config file buggy: Junk found in line line 145: 'Zak McKracken\'!
The error message means that ScummVM thinks you have a line that looks just like this in your configuration file:

Zak McKracken\

However, there is one other possibility: ScummVM assumes that no line in the file is longer than 256 characters. The backslash at the end means it's probably part of the path to the game, and if that's really, really long, ScummVM would misinterpret it as two separate lines in the file.
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