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Help for PALM TX

Post by elmachi »

I installed Scumm on my palm TX just as is described on the general help post. Everything seems to work fine but when i try to run a game the palm just crashes. I've also installed Scumm on my computer and the games work just fine. Is there anything else that i have to know in order to use scumm on a PALM TX?

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Post by lixtetraxx »

Hi m8! Have you fix your problem yet?
Look in my posts and have a look at mine!
For your problem, taht may be a memory issue, try to get and install "Cleanstart, UDMH, and Warpspeed". Create a new profile in Cleanstart, selecting only ScummVM, UDMH and Warpspeed, nothing else! In UDMH, add ScummVM and check "Clean for this app". In Warpspeed select ScummVM and set the value to 16 and 4 and you should get a CPU clocked to 416Mhz...

Good luck!
Take a moment to read my own problem and help me if you can... :D

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