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hotkeys + UIQ3

Post by MonkeyKong »

Hi guys,

can you tell me how to access the menu in "monkey island 1" or "beneath a steel sky" using a P1i with UIQ3 ?

I can only get an inventory when moving the cursor at the top of the screen in BASS, and nada in MI. There is an visual esc key in MI at the bottom of the screen but it doesn't do anything. I think I've tried all possible keys with no luck, even got a console up in MI but that didn't help.

(I've searched here on the forums but haven't found an answer)
Thanks in advance,

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Post by Anotherguest »

Confirm key IN == F5
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Post by Rollkragen »

are there more key shortcuts like that, cause trying to improve the "game speed" by using some key combos, maybe for different games?

can i get scumm to use fullscreen on p1i?
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Post by Noelemahc »

Well, the generic shortkeys are the same among all phones. Those are 0+1, 0+2, etc. 0+4, IIRC, is what you need.
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