King's Quest IX

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King's Quest IX

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Did anyone here ever play any of the King's Quest games? I used to love those games. If you did, too, you might be interested to know that a fan-made sequel to King's Quest had been in the works for over three year. It was going to be released for free, via the web. Over 40 people worked on the game since 2002: artists, writers, actors -- all because they loved King's Quest.

The game was due to be released this December, but after announcing their release date, the developers were sent a cease & desist letter from Vivendi Universal Games (who now owns King's Quest).

Some fans of King's Quest, myself included, have joined forces in an effort to save the game. We just launched a website.

We're trying to get as many people to email Vivendi as possible. We've made it very easy to do from our website. Just click the email link, and up pops a new email with the message already written. All you have to do is hit send. It literally takes 10 seconds.

We're also on MySpace. If you're on there, feel free to add us to your friends list.

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I find this hard to believe based on the fact that Tierra have released 2 KQ remakes and are making a QFG2 remake as well. And Vivendi/Siera have said nothing. I guess they just like to pick their battles.

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I think that if you create a remake for a game, you should always ask the original game's creators first. So it is a bit your own fault, except if they agreed or you couldn't find their site.

I emailed Vivendi anyway, because you were almost finished with this project. Good luck with getting the right to finish this game (though it is VERY uncertain it will happen)...

...And if they DON'T accept, just make a new story around the game, so that the game will be considered a fangame instead of a (forbidden) remake! ;)

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Hey everyone,

If you want to help spread the word about us, there's something very simple you can do.

Go here: ... ings_Quest

Click "digg it" on the left, under the number of diggs.

The more people who "digg it", the better the chances are that it'll make the front page of The more people who see it, the more people will find out about us.


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