What's your favourite ScummVM supported game?

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What's your favourite ScummVM supported game?

Post by JohnnyWalker2001 »

I was going to do a proper poll, but there's just too many games to list!

So: What's your favourite ScummVM supported game?

Mine is probably Curse of Monkey Island, but there's loads of others I've yet to sample.
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Post by PsYcO »

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Post by Tuxie »

Monkey Island 1, Amiga version :) That was the first graphical adventure game I ever played and it made me fall in love with the genre forever. I had played (and loved) some Magnetic Scrolls and Infocom text adventures before though.

I have played through more than 30 point-n-click-adventures after that... All of the LucasArts games, most of the other that ScummVM support and several others: The Kyrandia and Discworld series, KGB, Big Red Adventure, Willy Beamish, Curse of Enchantia, Syberia, Runaway, Hopkins FBI, Lure of the Temptress, Rex Nebular and I'm sure there are more that I've forgotten :)

The only Sierra game I've played through is Kings Quest VI. I generally don't like games where I have to save all the time because examining something can make me die, or where missing something early can make a puzzle unsolvable later on.
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Post by spacetroll »

Tie between MI2 and Fate of Atlantis, but if you really pushed me I'd probably say MI2.
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Post by bobablob »

Space Quest II
As for an actual Scumm game I would say Full Throttle.
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Post by JohnnyWalker2001 »

It's interesting that as a Lucaskid (tm) I totally missed out on Sierra's games. I probably would have loved them, now I don't know where to begin. I don't like games where you can die suddenly without warning or can find yourself stuck because you didn't do something early on.
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Post by JamesWoodcock »

Simon the Sorcerer and Broken Sword.
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Post by kosuan »

BS 1
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Post by jumnle »

The Secret of Monkey Island. It's my favorite adventure game.
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Post by ovvldc »

ZakMcKracken and the Alien Mindbenders. Got me hooked on LucasArts adventures and I never looked back :). MI and DOTT follow closely.
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Post by exofreeze »

Duke Nukem Forever.

Come on.. it's going to have to be emulated by the time it's finally released... and I would consider it's development to be quite an adventure... so therefor it fits perfectly well into the scope of ScummVM. :P
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Post by dj jack »

The Secret of Monkey Island with pc speaker music :D

that was the first sound I ever heard coming from a computer... :cry: :D
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