Anotherguest's CVS build v. 051203 (SymbianS60v2_all)

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Anotherguest's CVS build v. 051203 (SymbianS60v2_all)

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First things first - again thank you Anotherguest for your great work on the s60 port :D
DOTT works perfect on my Nokia 6600 but unfortunately due to the small screen size text is hard to read on many occasions. The official build has different screen layouts to resolve this problem but I cannot find this function in the newest build. I am wondering whether this is not yet implemented or maybe I cannot find key config for this. The only fnctions I found are the zone switch under 9, menu under * and skip under #.
I would much appreciate any info on this subject :)

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FYI, anotherguest is in ScummVM Team and that official build was made by him.

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This is just a matter of bad documentation and has been discussed on other threads within the Symbian oS port section. As the number of keys was to limtited and users wanted a better experienced I have updated the keyhandling, but there are still problems with multiple keypresses. '0' + keys '1-4' will adjust inputmodes and screenmodes now. If it does n't work please press app key and then task back to scummvm again. Now it should work. I am working on a patch on this.
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I added a mode switching guide for SXX phones to the FAQ @
item "How can I switch between Joy/Key/Cursor and Shrink/Zoom/Upscale modes for SXX devices"

Hope this clears things up:

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