Feeble Files - more errors

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Feeble Files - more errors

Post by FeebleFiles1 »


i have downloadet yesterday the version of scummvm to try it again. But it doesnt work

This error apears:


Whats the matter? The Files are in an video directory.

Are there any works on the code of the feeble files?

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Re: Feeble Files - more errors

Post by eriktorbjorn »

FeebleFiles1 wrote: Whats the matter? The Files are in an video directory.
Does it work if you change the name of the directory to, for instance, movies? As far as I know, ScummVM no longer looks in every directory by default, but if so that change was made quite some time ago.
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Post by FeebleFiles1 »

I dont try that if it works in the main directory of the place where are the feeble files.

the problem is that many people have more directorys because its clearly arranged. if all files are in one directory i have to made all the dvds new.

i you have all files in one directory its not clearly arranged.

with the version of 10 june it works without problems.

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Post by Kirben »

If you want the data files of The Feeble Files sorted into sub directories, then use these sub directories (used by Amiga version):

Or just set the extra path, to the location of the cutscenes.
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Post by FeebleFiles1 »


Which files have i to put in this directory?


should i put the videos in this folder?


Whats that?


Voice1 - Voicen.flac .ogg or wave?

Can you please give me an instruction which files have i to copy in the folders?

I have a question too. i have make from the voices one ogg audio version and one flac version?

How does scummvm selects the files?
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Post by Frozen »

What's that mean?
I have Polish 2CD version.
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Post by fingolfin »

It means precisely what the text in that screenshot says! Literally.
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Post by Kirben »

FeebleFiles1 wrote:gfx:
Which files have i to put in this directory?
The Amiga version stored the graphics in this location.
That would be the *1.VGA and *2.VGA files in the Windows versions.
FeebleFiles1 wrote:movies
should i put the videos in this folder?
Yes, the Amiga version stored videos in this location.
FeebleFiles1 wrote: sfx
Whats that?
The Amiga version stored the sound effects in this location.
That would be the *3.VGA files in the Windows versions.
FeebleFiles1 wrote: speech
Voice1 - Voicen.flac .ogg or wave?
Yes, the Amiga version stored speech in this location.
FeebleFiles1 wrote:Can you please give me an instruction which files have i to copy in the folders?
I described the directory structure of the Amiga version above, but you can place any of the data files, in any of those sub directories.
FeebleFiles1 wrote: I have a question too. i have make from the voices one ogg audio version and one flac version?

How does scummvm selects the files?
The search order for the speech files in The Feeble Files is:
OGG Vorbis
Frozen wrote:Image
What's that mean?
I have Polish 2CD version.
Is that an official release or a fan translation? as they clearly failed to translate all the subtitles in the GAME22 file. Since the md5 details you listed, match the English 2CD version of The Feeble Files.

That game should currently work fine under ScummVM, as long as you don't manually set the language to Polish.
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Post by Frozen »

Kirben wrote:Is that an official release or a fan translation?
This is official release from polish magazine "Komputer Swiat GRY EXTRA 1/2001" (full version).
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Post by FeebleFiles1 »

I have one little question again:

Is scummvm case sensitivity? or support it such as filenames?

Winasoft.SMK winasoft.smk WINASOFT.SMK winasoft.SMK

does scumm vm checks upper and lower case?

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Post by md5 »

ScummVM usually tries to open files using both uppercase and lowercase, so it shouldn't have any problems in that aspect
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Post by clem »

md5 wrote:ScummVM usually tries to open files using both uppercase and lowercase, so it shouldn't have any problems in that aspect
I remember something like "all lowercase or all uppercase, but not mixed" from somewhere, might be wrong though
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Post by FeebleFiles1 »

Can anybody here take a look at the directory listing of my dvd.

It shall be all files which needet for the game:

Code: Select all

 Datentr„ger in Laufwerk D: ist Testdisc
 Volumeseriennummer: B35A-19FD

 Verzeichnis von D:\

0091.fst       TABLES06       TABLES14       TABLES22       save.999
0091.slw       TABLES07       TABLES15       TABLES23       [sfx]
GAME22         TABLES08       TABLES16       TABLES24       [speech]
TABLES01       TABLES09       TABLES17       TABLES25       startup.wav
TABLES02       TABLES10       TABLES18       TBLLIST        
TABLES03       TABLES11       TABLES19       [gfx]          
TABLES04       TABLES12       TABLES20       icklfeeb.ico   
TABLES05       TABLES13       TABLES21       [movies]       
              32 Datei(en)      1.554.459 Bytes

 Verzeichnis von D:\gfx

[.]        0661.VGA   1271.VGA   1901.VGA   2531.VGA   3221.VGA   3841.VGA
[..]       0662.VGA   1272.VGA   1902.VGA   2532.VGA   3222.VGA   3842.VGA
0011.VGA   0671.VGA   1281.VGA   1911.VGA   2541.VGA   3231.VGA   3851.VGA
0012.VGA   0672.VGA   1282.VGA   1912.VGA   2542.VGA   3232.VGA   3852.VGA
0021.VGA   0681.VGA   1291.VGA   1921.VGA   2551.VGA   3241.VGA   3861.VGA
0022.VGA   0682.VGA   1292.VGA   1922.VGA   2552.VGA   3242.VGA   3862.VGA
0071.VGA   0691.VGA   1301.VGA   1931.VGA   2561.VGA   3251.VGA   3871.VGA
0072.VGA   0692.VGA   1302.VGA   1932.VGA   2562.VGA   3252.VGA   3872.VGA
0081.VGA   0701.VGA   1311.VGA   1941.VGA   2581.VGA   3261.VGA   3881.VGA
0082.VGA   0702.VGA   1312.VGA   1942.VGA   2582.VGA   3262.VGA   3882.VGA
0091.VGA   0711.VGA   1331.VGA   1951.VGA   2591.VGA   3271.VGA   3891.VGA
0092.VGA   0712.VGA   1332.VGA   1952.VGA   2592.VGA   3272.VGA   3892.VGA
0111.VGA   0721.VGA   1341.VGA   1961.VGA   2601.VGA   3281.VGA   3901.VGA
0112.VGA   0722.VGA   1342.VGA   1962.VGA   2602.VGA   3282.VGA   3902.VGA
0121.VGA   0731.VGA   1351.VGA   1971.VGA   2611.VGA   3291.VGA   3911.VGA
0122.VGA   0732.VGA   1352.VGA   1972.VGA   2612.VGA   3292.VGA   3912.VGA
0131.VGA   0741.VGA   1361.VGA   1981.VGA   2621.VGA   3301.VGA   3921.VGA
0132.VGA   0742.VGA   1362.VGA   1982.VGA   2622.VGA   3302.VGA   3922.VGA
0141.VGA   0751.VGA   1371.VGA   1991.VGA   2631.VGA   3311.VGA   3931.VGA
0142.VGA   0752.VGA   1372.VGA   1992.VGA   2632.VGA   3312.VGA   3932.VGA
0151.VGA   0761.VGA   1381.VGA   2001.VGA   2641.VGA   3331.VGA   3941.VGA
0152.VGA   0762.VGA   1382.VGA   2002.VGA   2642.VGA   3332.VGA   3942.VGA
0161.VGA   0771.VGA   1391.VGA   2011.VGA   2651.VGA   3341.VGA   3951.VGA
0162.VGA   0772.VGA   1392.VGA   2012.VGA   2652.VGA   3342.VGA   3952.VGA
0171.VGA   0781.VGA   1401.VGA   2031.VGA   2661.VGA   3351.VGA   3961.VGA
0172.VGA   0782.VGA   1402.VGA   2032.VGA   2662.VGA   3352.VGA   3962.VGA
0181.VGA   0791.VGA   1411.VGA   2041.VGA   2671.VGA   3361.VGA   3971.VGA
0182.VGA   0792.VGA   1412.VGA   2042.VGA   2672.VGA   3362.VGA   3972.VGA
0191.VGA   0801.VGA   1421.VGA   2051.VGA   2681.VGA   3371.VGA   3981.VGA
0192.VGA   0802.VGA   1422.VGA   2052.VGA   2682.VGA   3372.VGA   3982.VGA
0201.VGA   0811.VGA   1431.VGA   2061.VGA   2691.VGA   3381.VGA   3991.VGA
0202.VGA   0812.VGA   1432.VGA   2062.VGA   2692.VGA   3382.VGA   3992.VGA
0211.VGA   0821.VGA   1441.VGA   2071.VGA   2701.VGA   3391.VGA   4001.VGA
0212.VGA   0822.VGA   1442.VGA   2072.VGA   2702.VGA   3392.VGA   4002.VGA
0221.VGA   0831.VGA   1451.VGA   2081.VGA   2711.VGA   3401.VGA   4011.VGA
0222.VGA   0832.VGA   1452.VGA   2082.VGA   2712.VGA   3402.VGA   4012.VGA
0231.VGA   0841.VGA   1461.VGA   2091.VGA   2721.VGA   3411.VGA   4021.VGA
0232.VGA   0842.VGA   1462.VGA   2092.VGA   2722.VGA   3412.VGA   4022.VGA
0241.VGA   0851.VGA   1471.VGA   2101.VGA   2731.VGA   3421.VGA   4031.VGA
0242.VGA   0852.VGA   1472.VGA   2102.VGA   2732.VGA   3422.VGA   4032.VGA
0251.VGA   0861.VGA   1481.VGA   2111.VGA   2741.VGA   3431.VGA   4041.VGA
0252.VGA   0862.VGA   1482.VGA   2112.VGA   2742.VGA   3432.VGA   4042.VGA
0261.VGA   0871.VGA   1491.VGA   2121.VGA   2751.VGA   3441.VGA   4051.VGA
0262.VGA   0872.VGA   1492.VGA   2122.VGA   2752.VGA   3442.VGA   4052.VGA
0271.VGA   0881.VGA   1501.VGA   2131.VGA   2761.VGA   3451.VGA   4061.VGA
0272.VGA   0882.VGA   1502.VGA   2132.VGA   2762.VGA   3452.VGA   4062.VGA
0281.VGA   0891.VGA   1511.VGA   2141.VGA   2771.VGA   3461.VGA   4071.VGA
0282.VGA   0892.VGA   1512.VGA   2142.VGA   2772.VGA   3462.VGA   4072.VGA
0291.VGA   0901.VGA   1521.VGA   2151.VGA   2781.VGA   3471.VGA   4081.VGA
0292.VGA   0902.VGA   1522.VGA   2152.VGA   2782.VGA   3472.VGA   4082.VGA
0301.VGA   0911.VGA   1531.VGA   2161.VGA   2791.VGA   3481.VGA   4091.VGA
0302.VGA   0912.VGA   1532.VGA   2162.VGA   2792.VGA   3482.VGA   4092.VGA
0311.VGA   0921.VGA   1541.VGA   2171.VGA   2801.VGA   3491.VGA   4101.VGA
0312.VGA   0922.VGA   1542.VGA   2172.VGA   2802.VGA   3492.VGA   4102.VGA
0321.VGA   0931.VGA   1551.VGA   2181.VGA   2811.VGA   3501.VGA   4111.VGA
0322.VGA   0932.VGA   1552.VGA   2182.VGA   2812.VGA   3502.VGA   4112.VGA
0331.VGA   0941.VGA   1561.VGA   2191.VGA   2821.VGA   3511.VGA   4121.VGA
0332.VGA   0942.VGA   1562.VGA   2192.VGA   2822.VGA   3512.VGA   4122.VGA
0341.VGA   0951.VGA   1571.VGA   2201.VGA   2831.VGA   3521.VGA   4131.VGA
0342.VGA   0952.VGA   1572.VGA   2202.VGA   2832.VGA   3522.VGA   4132.VGA
0351.VGA   0961.VGA   1581.VGA   2211.VGA   2841.VGA   3531.VGA   4141.VGA
0352.VGA   0962.VGA   1582.VGA   2212.VGA   2842.VGA   3532.VGA   4142.VGA
0361.VGA   0971.VGA   1591.VGA   2221.VGA   2851.VGA   3541.VGA   4151.VGA
0362.VGA   0972.VGA   1592.VGA   2222.VGA   2852.VGA   3542.VGA   4152.VGA
0371.VGA   0981.VGA   1601.VGA   2231.VGA   2861.VGA   3551.VGA   4161.VGA
0372.VGA   0982.VGA   1602.VGA   2232.VGA   2862.VGA   3552.VGA   4162.VGA
0381.VGA   0991.VGA   1611.VGA   2241.VGA   2871.VGA   3561.VGA   4171.VGA
0382.VGA   0992.VGA   1612.VGA   2242.VGA   2872.VGA   3562.VGA   4172.VGA
0391.VGA   1001.VGA   1621.VGA   2251.VGA   2881.VGA   3571.VGA   4181.VGA
0392.VGA   1002.VGA   1622.VGA   2252.VGA   2882.VGA   3572.VGA   4182.VGA
0401.VGA   1011.VGA   1631.VGA   2261.VGA   2891.VGA   3581.VGA   4191.VGA
0402.VGA   1012.VGA   1632.VGA   2262.VGA   2892.VGA   3582.VGA   4192.VGA
0411.VGA   1021.VGA   1641.VGA   2271.VGA   2901.VGA   3591.VGA   4201.VGA
0412.VGA   1022.VGA   1642.VGA   2272.VGA   2902.VGA   3592.VGA   4202.VGA
0421.VGA   1031.VGA   1651.VGA   2281.VGA   2911.VGA   3601.VGA   4211.VGA
0422.VGA   1032.VGA   1652.VGA   2282.VGA   2912.VGA   3602.VGA   4212.VGA
0431.VGA   1041.VGA   1661.VGA   2291.VGA   2921.VGA   3611.VGA   4221.VGA
0432.VGA   1042.VGA   1662.VGA   2292.VGA   2922.VGA   3612.VGA   4222.VGA
0441.VGA   1051.VGA   1671.VGA   2301.VGA   2931.VGA   3621.VGA   4231.VGA
0442.VGA   1052.VGA   1672.VGA   2302.VGA   2932.VGA   3622.VGA   4232.VGA
0451.VGA   1061.VGA   1681.VGA   2311.VGA   2941.VGA   3631.VGA   4241.VGA
0452.VGA   1062.VGA   1682.VGA   2312.VGA   2942.VGA   3632.VGA   4242.VGA
0461.VGA   1071.VGA   1691.VGA   2331.VGA   2951.VGA   3641.VGA   4251.VGA
0462.VGA   1072.VGA   1692.VGA   2332.VGA   2952.VGA   3642.VGA   4252.VGA
0471.VGA   1081.VGA   1701.VGA   2341.VGA   2961.VGA   3651.VGA   4261.VGA
0472.VGA   1082.VGA   1702.VGA   2342.VGA   2962.VGA   3652.VGA   4262.VGA
0481.VGA   1091.VGA   1711.VGA   2351.VGA   2971.VGA   3661.VGA   4271.VGA
0482.VGA   1092.VGA   1712.VGA   2352.VGA   2972.VGA   3662.VGA   4272.VGA
0491.VGA   1101.VGA   1731.VGA   2361.VGA   2981.VGA   3671.VGA   4281.VGA
0492.VGA   1102.VGA   1732.VGA   2362.VGA   2982.VGA   3672.VGA   4282.VGA
0501.VGA   1111.VGA   1741.VGA   2371.VGA   3061.VGA   3681.VGA   4291.VGA
0502.VGA   1112.VGA   1742.VGA   2372.VGA   3062.VGA   3682.VGA   4292.VGA
0511.VGA   1121.VGA   1751.VGA   2381.VGA   3071.VGA   3691.VGA   4301.VGA
0512.VGA   1122.VGA   1752.VGA   2382.VGA   3072.VGA   3692.VGA   4302.VGA
0521.VGA   1131.VGA   1761.VGA   2391.VGA   3081.VGA   3701.VGA   4311.VGA
0522.VGA   1132.VGA   1762.VGA   2392.VGA   3082.VGA   3702.VGA   4312.VGA
0531.VGA   1141.VGA   1771.VGA   2401.VGA   3091.VGA   3711.VGA   4321.VGA
0532.VGA   1142.VGA   1772.VGA   2402.VGA   3092.VGA   3712.VGA   4322.VGA
0541.VGA   1151.VGA   1781.VGA   2411.VGA   3101.VGA   3721.VGA   4331.VGA
0542.VGA   1152.VGA   1782.VGA   2412.VGA   3102.VGA   3722.VGA   4332.VGA
0551.VGA   1161.VGA   1791.VGA   2421.VGA   3111.VGA   3731.VGA   4341.VGA
0552.VGA   1162.VGA   1792.VGA   2422.VGA   3112.VGA   3732.VGA   4342.VGA
0561.VGA   1171.VGA   1801.VGA   2431.VGA   3121.VGA   3741.VGA   4351.VGA
0562.VGA   1172.VGA   1802.VGA   2432.VGA   3122.VGA   3742.VGA   4352.VGA
0571.VGA   1181.VGA   1811.VGA   2441.VGA   3131.VGA   3751.VGA   4361.VGA
0572.VGA   1182.VGA   1812.VGA   2442.VGA   3132.VGA   3752.VGA   4362.VGA
0581.VGA   1191.VGA   1821.VGA   2451.VGA   3141.VGA   3761.VGA   4371.VGA
0582.VGA   1192.VGA   1822.VGA   2452.VGA   3142.VGA   3762.VGA   4372.VGA
0591.VGA   1201.VGA   1831.VGA   2461.VGA   3151.VGA   3771.VGA   4381.VGA
0592.VGA   1202.VGA   1832.VGA   2462.VGA   3152.VGA   3772.VGA   4382.VGA
0601.VGA   1211.VGA   1841.VGA   2471.VGA   3161.VGA   3781.VGA   4391.VGA
0602.VGA   1212.VGA   1842.VGA   2472.VGA   3162.VGA   3782.VGA   4392.VGA
0611.VGA   1221.VGA   1851.VGA   2481.VGA   3171.VGA   3791.VGA   4401.VGA
0612.VGA   1222.VGA   1852.VGA   2482.VGA   3172.VGA   3792.VGA   4402.VGA
0621.VGA   1231.VGA   1861.VGA   2491.VGA   3181.VGA   3801.VGA   4421.VGA
0622.VGA   1232.VGA   1862.VGA   2492.VGA   3182.VGA   3802.VGA   4422.VGA
0631.VGA   1241.VGA   1871.VGA   2501.VGA   3191.VGA   3811.VGA   4431.VGA
0632.VGA   1242.VGA   1872.VGA   2502.VGA   3192.VGA   3812.VGA   4432.VGA
0641.VGA   1251.VGA   1881.VGA   2511.VGA   3201.VGA   3821.VGA   
0642.VGA   1252.VGA   1882.VGA   2512.VGA   3202.VGA   3822.VGA   
0651.VGA   1261.VGA   1891.VGA   2521.VGA   3211.VGA   3831.VGA   
0652.VGA   1262.VGA   1892.VGA   2522.VGA   3212.VGA   3832.VGA   
             848 Datei(en)    119.446.065 Bytes

 Verzeichnis von D:\movies

[.]                MG3die.dxa         Round1.dxa         fxmadsam.dxa
[..]               MG3die.fla         Round1.fla         fxmadsam.fla
Airlock.dxa        MG3shoot.dxa       Round2.dxa         fxwakeup.dxa
Airlock.fla        MG3shoot.fla       Round2.fla         fxwakeup.fla
Allcreds.dxa       MG4die.dxa         Round3.dxa         gate.dxa
Allcreds.fla       MG4die.fla         Round3.fla         gate.fla
Allships.dxa       MG4shoot.dxa       Round4.dxa         getaxe.dxa
Allships.fla       MG4shoot.fla       Round4.fla         getaxe.fla
Anlstink.dxa       MG5die.dxa         Round5.dxa         getbrain.dxa
Anlstink.fla       MG5die.fla         Round5.fla         getbrain.fla
BLOWLAB.dxa        MG5shoot.dxa       Round6.dxa         getlift.dxa
BLOWLAB.fla        MG5shoot.fla       Round6.fla         getlift.fla
BR-J1.dxa          MG6die.dxa         Rtap-j2.dxa        goblin.dxa
BR-J1.fla          MG6die.fla         Rtap-j2.fla        goblin.fla
Badluck.dxa        MG6shoot.dxa       SE-J1.dxa          icetrench.dxa
Badluck.fla        MG6shoot.fla       SE-J1.fla          icetrench.fla
BigFight.dxa       MG7die.dxa         Samdead.dxa        intomb1.dxa
BigFight.fla       MG7die.fla         Samdead.fla        intomb1.fla
COACH.dxa          MG7shoot.dxa       Sleepy.dxa         intomb2.dxa
COACH.fla          MG7shoot.fla       Sleepy.fla         intomb2.fla
Cardlift.dxa       MG8die.dxa         Start1.dxa         killpeg.dxa
Cardlift.fla       MG8die.fla         Start1.fla         killpeg.fla
Charisma.dxa       MG8shoot.dxa       Swamp.dxa          knockout.dxa
Charisma.fla       MG8shoot.fla       Swamp.fla          knockout.fla
Clossmok.dxa       MLights2.dxa       Teeter.dxa         labocto.dxa
Clossmok.fla       MLights2.fla       Teeter.fla         labocto.fla
Closvent.dxa       MProtest.dxa       Temple2.dxa        lift1.dxa
Closvent.fla       MProtest.fla       Temple2.fla        lift1.fla
Cola1.dxa          MUS5P2.dxa         Temple3.dxa        lift2.dxa
Cola1.fla          MUS5P2.fla         Temple3.fla        lift2.fla
Colatalk.dxa       MUSOSP1.dxa        Temple4.dxa        longfeeb.dxa
Colatalk.fla       MUSOSP1.fla        Temple4.fla        longfeeb.fla
D5rklrs.dxa        Mainmin.dxa        Temple5.dxa        maznat.dxa
D5rklrs.fla        Mainmin.fla        Temple5.fla        maznat.fla
DIA-J3.dxa         MfBike1.dxa        Temple6.dxa        meetsquid.dxa
DIA-J3.fla         MfBike1.fla        Temple6.fla        meetsquid.fla
Disk1.dxa          MfBike10.dxa       Temple7.dxa        mflirt.dxa
Disk2.dxa          MfBike10.fla       Temple7.fla        mflirt.fla
Disk3.dxa          MfBike11.dxa       Temple8.dxa        mfxHappy.dxa
Disk4.dxa          MfBike11.fla       Temple8.fla        mfxHappy.fla
FASALL.dxa         MfBike12.dxa       Tic-tac2.dxa       mpland1.dxa
FASALL.fla         MfBike12.fla       Tic-tac2.fla       mpland1.fla
Feebohno.dxa       MfBike13.dxa       Typey.dxa          mpland2.dxa
Feebohno.fla       MfBike13.fla       Typey.fla          mpland2.fla
Gasout2.dxa        MfBike2.dxa        VENTOP2.dxa        mplndcar.dxa
Gasout2.fla        MfBike2.fla        VENTOP2.fla        mplndcar.fla
Get Car.dxa        MfBike3.dxa        Vent1.dxa          mptocar.dxa
Get Car.fla        MfBike3.fla        Vent1.fla          mptocar.fla
Grenboom.dxa       MfBike4.dxa        Vent2.dxa          mptoff1.dxa
Grenboom.fla       MfBike4.fla        Vent2.fla          mptoff1.fla
Grengas.dxa        MfBike5.dxa        Ventop1.dxa        mptoff2.dxa
Grengas.fla        MfBike5.fla        Ventop1.fla        mptoff2.fla
J1-BR.dxa          MfBike6.dxa        Winasoft.dxa       mudman.dxa
J1-BR.fla          MfBike6.fla        Winasoft.fla       mudman.fla
J1-J2.dxa          MfBike7.dxa        agent32.dxa        munlock.dxa
J1-J2.fla          MfBike7.fla        agent32.fla        munlock.fla
J1BR-J2.dxa        MfBike8.dxa        bentalk1.dxa       newcredits.dxa
J1BR-J2.fla        MfBike8.fla        bentalk1.fla       newcredits.fla
J1J2-BR.dxa        MfCar2.dxa         bentalk2.dxa       oldpills2.dxa
J1J2-BR.fla        MfCar2.fla         bentalk2.fla       oldpills2.fla
J2-J1.dxa          MfCar3.dxa         bentalk3.dxa       prisontile.dxa
J2-J1.fla          MfCar3.fla         bentalk3.fla       prisontile.fla
J2-J3.dxa          MfCar4.dxa         biktomb1.dxa       rescue1.dxa
J2-J3.fla          MfCar4.fla         biktomb1.fla       rescue1.fla
J2-RTA.dxa         MfCar5.dxa         biktomb2.dxa       rescue2.dxa
J2-RTA.fla         MfCar5.fla         biktomb2.fla       rescue2.fla
J2-rtap.dxa        MfCar6.dxa         breakdown.dxa      samcar.dxa
J2-rtap.fla        MfCar6.fla         breakdown.fla      samcar.fla
J2J1-J3.dxa        Mix_Feeb1.dxa      bridge.dxa         scanner.dxa
J2J1-J3.fla        Mix_Feeb1.fla      bridge.fla         scanner.fla
J2J1-RTA.dxa       Mix_Feeb2.dxa      button1.dxa        shrtfeeb.dxa
J2J1-RTA.fla       Mix_Feeb2.fla      button1.fla        shrtfeeb.fla
J2J3-J1.dxa        Mix_Feeb3.dxa      button2.dxa        sorceror.dxa
J2J3-J1.fla        Mix_Feeb3.fla      button2.fla        sorceror.fla
J2J3-RTA.dxa       Mix_Guardscn.dxa   cargo.dxa          spitbrai.dxa
J2J3-RTA.fla       Mix_Guardscn.fla   cargo.fla          spitbrai.fla
J2RTA-J1.dxa       Mlights1.dxa       cartomb1.dxa       start.dxa
J2RTA-J1.fla       Mlights1.fla       cartomb1.fla       start.fla
J2RTA-J3.dxa       Mudfin.dxa         cartomb2.dxa       statue1.dxa
J2RTA-J3.fla       Mudfin.fla         cartomb2.fla       statue1.fla
J3-DIA.dxa         Nextdoor.dxa       cygnus1.dxa        statue2.dxa
J3-DIA.fla         Nextdoor.fla       cygnus1.fla        statue2.fla
J3-J2.dxa          Niceone.dxa        cygnus2.dxa        sva1.dxa
J3-J2.fla          Niceone.fla        cygnus2.fla        sva1.fla
J3-MA.dxa          Omenter.dxa        cygnus3.dxa        sva2.dxa
J3-MA.fla          Omenter.fla        cygnus3.fla        sva2.fla
J3-manv.dxa        Omnicofe.dxa       downtube.dxa       torture.dxa
J3-manv.fla        Omnicofe.fla       downtube.fla       torture.fla
J3DIA-J2.dxa       Omnitoy.dxa        dream.dxa          transmit.dxa
J3DIA-J2.fla       Omnitoy.fla        dream.fla          transmit.fla
J3DIA-MA.dxa       Openvent.dxa       dwarf.dxa          ventfall.dxa
J3DIA-MA.fla       Openvent.fla       dwarf.fla          ventfall.fla
J3J2-DIA.dxa       Outmin~1.dxa       escape1.dxa        ventoff.dxa
J3J2-DIA.fla       Outmin~1.fla       escape1.fla        ventoff.fla
J3MA-DIA.dxa       Pegpatrl.dxa       escape2.dxa        vidspin1.dxa
J3MA-DIA.fla       Pegpatrl.fla       escape2.fla        vidspin1.fla
Jackpot.dxa        Qtime.dxa          fbikewurb.dxa      vidspin2.dxa
Jackpot.fla        Qtime.fla          fbikewurb.fla      vidspin2.fla
Kickass.dxa        RTA-J2.dxa         feebdel.dxa        virtua.dxa
Kickass.fla        RTA-J2.fla         feebdel.fla        virtua.fla
Lookbrai.dxa       Readbook.dxa       feebpump.dxa       wasting.dxa
Lookbrai.fla       Readbook.fla       feebpump.fla       wasting.fla
MA-J3.dxa          RebelHQ2.dxa       feefone1.dxa       whowhat.dxa
MA-J3.fla          RebelHQ2.fla       feefone1.fla       whowhat.fla
MArrive.dxa        Rebelhq.dxa        feefone2.dxa       wizard.dxa
MArrive.fla        Rebelhq.fla        feefone2.fla       wizard.fla
MG1die.dxa         Reedin.dxa         founder2.dxa       wurbatak.dxa
MG1die.fla         Reedin.fla         founder2.fla       wurbatak.fla
MG1shoot.dxa       Ropchai.dxa        founder3.dxa       wurbs1.dxa
MG1shoot.fla       Ropchai.fla        founder3.fla       wurbs1.fla
MG2die.dxa         Rope1.dxa          founder4.dxa       wurbs2.dxa
MG2die.fla         Rope1.fla          founder4.fla       wurbs2.fla
MG2shoot.dxa       Rope2.dxa          frog.dxa           
MG2shoot.fla       Rope2.fla          frog.fla           
             452 Datei(en)  1.227.772.775 Bytes

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[.]        0613.vga   0973.vga   2503.vga   3373.vga   3773.vga   4093.vga
[..]       0623.vga   1013.vga   2513.vga   3383.vga   3783.vga   4103.vga
0163.vga   0633.vga   1043.vga   2543.vga   3393.vga   3793.vga   4113.vga
0193.vga   0643.vga   1053.vga   2563.vga   3403.vga   3803.vga   4123.vga
0213.vga   0653.vga   1073.vga   2583.vga   3433.vga   3813.vga   4133.vga
0223.vga   0673.vga   1083.vga   2593.vga   3443.vga   3823.vga   4153.vga
0233.vga   0693.vga   1353.vga   2603.vga   3463.vga   3833.vga   4163.vga
0253.vga   0703.vga   1393.vga   2613.vga   3473.vga   3843.vga   4173.vga
0263.vga   0713.vga   1403.vga   2623.VGA   3483.vga   3853.vga   4183.vga
0273.vga   0723.vga   1423.vga   2633.VGA   3493.vga   3863.vga   4193.vga
0283.vga   0733.vga   1473.vga   2643.VGA   3503.vga   3873.vga   4203.vga
0293.vga   0743.vga   1743.vga   2653.vga   3513.vga   3883.vga   4213.vga
0313.vga   0753.vga   1753.vga   2663.vga   3523.vga   3893.vga   4223.vga
0333.vga   0763.vga   1763.vga   2673.vga   3533.vga   3913.vga   4233.vga
0343.vga   0773.vga   1773.vga   2683.vga   3543.vga   3923.vga   4243.vga
0353.vga   0783.vga   2043.vga   2693.vga   3553.vga   3933.vga   4253.vga
0363.vga   0793.vga   2073.vga   2703.vga   3603.vga   3943.vga   4273.vga
0393.vga   0813.vga   2343.vga   2713.vga   3613.vga   3953.vga   4323.vga
0403.vga   0823.vga   2353.vga   2723.VGA   3623.vga   3963.vga   4333.vga
0413.vga   0833.vga   2363.vga   2743.vga   3633.vga   3973.vga   4343.vga
0433.vga   0843.vga   2373.vga   2773.vga   3643.vga   3983.vga   4353.vga
0443.vga   0863.vga   2393.vga   2833.vga   3653.vga   3993.vga   4363.vga
0463.vga   0883.vga   2413.vga   2853.vga   3663.vga   4003.vga   4383.vga
0473.vga   0893.vga   2423.vga   2873.vga   3693.vga   4013.vga   4393.vga
0483.vga   0903.vga   2433.vga   2883.vga   3703.vga   4023.vga   4403.vga
0493.vga   0913.vga   2443.vga   2933.vga   3713.vga   4033.vga   
0513.vga   0923.vga   2453.vga   2953.vga   3723.vga   4043.vga   
0523.vga   0933.vga   2463.vga   3063.vga   3733.vga   4053.vga   
0533.vga   0943.vga   2473.vga   3073.vga   3743.vga   4063.vga   
0583.vga   0953.vga   2483.vga   3343.vga   3753.vga   4073.vga   
0603.vga   0963.vga   2493.vga   3363.vga   3763.vga   4083.vga   
             209 Datei(en)     66.765.224 Bytes

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[.]           Voices1.fla   Voices3.fla   
[..]          Voices2.fla   Voices4.fla   
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Thank you in Advance
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clem wrote:I remember something like "all lowercase or all uppercase, but not mixed" from somewhere, might be wrong though
It is completely case insensitive for a while. I.e. mixed case will work normally.

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The following files aren't required by ScummVM, so can be removed from the DVD:
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